What About The Money? - Channeled Text

This is the third of a series of blog posts that are fully channeled texts from the Akashic Records (all knowledge, information, thought, and emotions in the Universe  -- a massive library of consciousness, if you will) that are meant to impart higher wisdom so that we can better ourselves and the planet.

For more information on my process, check out my previous posts, Living a Greater Life, that explains how I do these channelings, and Focusing on the Opposite


What about the money?

In the past month, I've met so many amazing entrepreneurs and creative souls who are clearly following their passion and giving so much of themselves. They've created strong personal brands, are generating valuable content and services that support women, men, and especially entrepreneurs seeking to live their best lives -- and they are barely scraping by.

I know from personal experience that it can be a feast or famine, and that uncertainty drives our ego minds to the brink. Our heart though, when we listen to it, knows that we are already taken care of - we're alive, breathing, at peace. 

No one really talks about it though, unless they are truly honest about it or one of my intuitive readings reveals the core emotions of vulnerability and despair that clears out the need for any "looking good." 

When that happens, people let go of their shields, like a flower that can finally open up to receive the butterfly. And it feels liberating. They feel understood, recognized, and seen. And the butterfly can finally help them spread their word to others.

It is here when productive conversations arise. How can we empower each other? How can we collaborate? How can we take actions as a group, a community that cares for each other?

Because we can't do everything alone. That just relies on our own, finite personal willpower. It can yield results, sure, but it blocks out all the synchronicities that the Universe provides.

So, be vulnerable and honest, ask for support, trust, and allow for synchronicities to happen. Set the intention for miracles to happen everyday.

Use your eyes in a new way -- seeing what's possible, what's beautiful, and what you appreciate. When you put on these glasses, let me know what glorious moments you see.

Now, for the channeled text below...


Channeled from the Akashic Records:

Money is just energy.
Imagine it as a flowing river that just keeps moving, on and on. It takes whatever is in the river with it. It moves with a constantcy that makes it so powerful.
It is not the rushing river in "one go," that tumbles stones and makes them smooth and worn. It is the small acts of a thousand years that does so.
See money in this way. It is a thousand small acts, or even one small act, that opens the door for more to flow through.
It is not about a lump sum and especially for those in a tough financial spot, it is not about the relief you get from a giant sum of money pouring in. In fact, that implies that it is not ALREADY HERE and so there is an energy of lack that then appears. You know, that your underlying frequency is what attracts what you experience in the physical world.
What can these small acts be?
They can be to donate to a charity that you are inspired by even though you feel like you don’t have enough right now. It can be putting away a small amount, even a dollar towards the vacation fund that you think you can never achieve. It can be picking up a penny in the street and seeing that there is something to be received when you are out and about. It can be giving away your time and advice. It can be giving away your love and good wishes. These are all small acts, and a thousand of them, and yes, even one for those of you who feel at the mercy of things -- can make a difference.
It is a thousand droplets of water, multiplied by many, that form a river. They are just droplets of water.
Begin with the droplets. See the droplets, appreciate the droplets and know that when they add up, they carry incredible force.
Be conscious of that force, and know that it all starts somewhere.