Discover your purpose.

It's as simple as a 2-hour purpose session.

With intuitive ability, your name and consent, Julie is able to access information on your soul's purpose. What's unique is that she doesn't even have to see you, know you, or ask you any interview questions because all the information is there in higher consciousness.
It's just a matter of helping you remember it and giving you the confidence to be you. 

Julie is not your typical intuitive coach you may have pictured or met before. She is a Yale and MIT graduate and led a decade-long career in local economic development improving the lives of people, whether they are entrepreneurs, low-income high school students, or leading innovators. She combines her private, public, and nonprofit sector experience with intuitive guidance to help you align with your unique purpose. 


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Become who you're meant to be, break through your blocks and explore what it means to be living your unique purpose.
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(Package sessions are for couples who wish to have each partner discover their purpose.)

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We use proceeds from our purpose coaching services to fund inner empowerment education and opportunities for youth and adults in need. Note that we are a social enterprise, not a 501(c)3 because we believe in business for social good, but donations of any kind are greatly appreciated!

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