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single Boost (intuitive reading & Purpose Assessment)

45 minutes - 1 hour conducted over the phone if in the U.S. (Skype if internationally)

If you've never received an intuitive reading from me before, then you're missing out! From tech entrepreneurs to fashion executives to other intuitives, this single reading can give you a profound look into your life.

Try out a single intuitive reading that covers "What is the highest guidance for you at this time?" Over the phone, we'll discuss what it means, what action steps you can take, and what are some underlying blocks. Afterwards, you'll get the written reading by email so you can always refer back to it for inspiration.

The reading is based on the Akashic Records, a universal source of all knowledge, and provides profound information that speaks to the core of your life. It consists of two powerful paragraphs of text with image descriptions along with questions for reflection and recommended action steps. (Sometimes I call them "mini" readings even thought they are really not mini at all! They pack in a lot of thoughtful, personalized coaching and guidance.)

What People Say:

Listen to what Bill Carmody, CEO of TrePoint, has to say about the intuitive reading he received! He rang the NASDAQ opening bell with Tony Robbins and has an amazing story that you can listen to on my podcast, All Possibilities (episode here). His intuitive reading is shared "on air!"

On Episode 8 of "All Possibilities" podcast

Next on “All Possibilities” podcast: He seemed to have everything but fulfillment, imagined his kids crying on his gravestone, then his life transformed radically. His spiritual journey in this emotional and inspiring interview. More at .

Posted by Allpossibleshow on Monday, May 15, 2017


How the session works:

  • I'll share my background so you know who you're talking to :)
  • You'll share a little about yourself
  • You'll hear your mini-reading (which I channel before our call) and we'll discuss how it resonates and what it brings up for you -- thoughts, memories, ideas, and actions
  • I'll give you a brief purpose assessment to see where you stand in terms of knowing your purpose, what inner empowerment tools you have, and what types of support you have
  • You'll come away with actionable steps, personalized questions to reflect on, and an idea of where you stand on a scale of 1-10 (10 being living and expressing your purpose everyday)

(Note: this does not cover what specifically your purpose is. That requires a lot more time and coaching via the Discover Your Purpose Coaching Package). 

Single Boost (Mini-reading & Purpose Assessment)
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The mini-reading definitely resonated with me. What it adds to my understanding that I hadn’t had before is a very visceral, practical experience of what letting go of control might feel like. It gives me a very concrete vision that I can hold when I am practising letting go of the steering wheel, and being willing to go wherever life takes me. Your reading has definitely given me a new and more powerful way of looking at my approach to life. Thank you.”
— Nikki H. Stokes, Measure What Works, Boronia, Victoria, Australia

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