“Knowing my purpose gave me the courage to start multiple companies that embody all aspects of my unique purpose. I wouldn’t be doing the things I’m doing now if it weren’t for this deep knowing that I am following MY path. It’s an amazing feeling.”
— Rob, Serial entrepreneur, New York City

Our Mission

Being My Purpose is a social enterprise whose mission is to empower people to know and express their purpose every day, with confidence, creativity, and courage. Through purpose coaching, inner empowerment education, intuitive guidance, and online resources, we give people the knowledge, tools, and supportive family to share their unique gifts with the world. We believe all people, of any background and stage of life, deserve to have the support to take inspired action, so we fund programs for adults and youth in need so that they may realize their life’s purpose. 

What we Do

  • Empower people seeking more meaning and purpose in their careers, relationships and life of service. 
  • Create a supportive community of purpose-centered people in New York City and around the world
  • Fund inner empowerment education for youth and adults in need in New York City and around the world

How We Do It

  • Provide one-on-one intuitive-based purpose readings, purpose coaching and inner empowerment education to help you understand the heart of your unique purpose and how to express it with confidence
  • Hold free introductory meetups for people interested in learning more from me and hearing from current clients about their experiences.
  • Hold monthly in-person meetups for clients in New York City to meet other purpose-centered people and share progress
  • Share educational resources and tips on living an empowered and inspired life in my blog and e-newsletter

What We've Achieved

  • Empowered 55 entrepreneurs, corporate and nonprofit executives, creative professionals, recent college graduates, couples, and retirees with one-on-one purpose readings and coaching
  • Inspired 500+ people with my story alone because it is absolutely possible for everyone if you align with your purpose and tap into your inner power
  • Transformed lives, catalyzed new jobs and businesses, strengthened relationships and sparked life-invigorating projects
  • Yielded $1000+ in funds or in-kind services donated to charities 
  • Funded inner empowerment education including training in mindfulness, meditation and yoga for 50 students and teachers in New York City

What makes US unique?

I combine both intuitive ability (which means, I can connect with your life's purpose directly without asking you any questions or even meeting you), and my decade of professional experience in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, to empower you.  In my previous work, I've helped young people, entrepreneurs, businesses, and cities to be their best selves, always building on their strengths and knowing that all things are possible. I combine practical experience from my professional career with intuitive and spiritual approaches that have worked for me and my clients. 

The ultimate goal of my work is to unlock your potential in ways that create a healing, ripple effect because you will be bringing your light to the rest of the world. Besides empowering you, we also fund inner empowerment education programs for youth and adults in need. My vision is to meld purpose and inner empowerment with business, economic development, health, and education so that all people, from all walks of life, can unleash their fullest potential.

It is time to unleash yours. Learn more about our services.

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