Living a Greater Life - Channeled Texts

This is the start of a series of blog posts that are fully channeled texts from the Akashic Records (all knowledge, information, thought, and emotions in the Universe  -- a massive library of consciousness, if you will) that are meant to impart higher wisdom so that we can better ourselves and the planet.

My Process

The process I use is the same as when I connect to the Akashic Records to know your soul's purpose -- I meditate, say a prayer to the Infinite Intelligence (God, Universe, Source, Divine Love, whatever you want to call it, however you may seek to understand it) that all information is for our highest good. Then, I use my clairaudience intuitive sense (clear hearing) to write down thoughts -- basically like dictation, word for word.

As you can see, the words are more poetic than what I might typically use, and the energy of the words themselves are very positive. They are incredibly powerful when spoken out loud.

In my own consciousness, it takes me days to perfect a paragraph. When I'm channeling, the words are beautifully crafted, stream-of-a-higher-consciousness, with no pauses for word-smithing. It boggles my own mind that such perfection and intentionality exists. 

I'm learning everyday from these channelings and I love it. :-)

The only edits I've made are related to spacing and paragraphs so that you may read it easier on a webpage. The capitalized words are all part of the channeled text, for emphasis. 

May this serve you. 

Abstract light reminds me of the greater consciousness that exists that all of us can tap into. 


Living a Greater Life

Living a life that is led by inner peace and inspiration is completely possible in this world.

The only thing that you have to know is that this is a CHOICE. All other avenues are merely excuses coming from the ego that is attached to living a very limited life.

What does this limited life look like?

It is probably very familiar to you because every human being comes into this world as UN-LIMITED. Yes, they might be babies and can’t speak, but their frame of mind IS of complete expansion.

Imagine just how amazing it feels to be born into this world with your whole life ahead of you.

You have unknown dreams that you can create, you have artistic pursuits that you can bring forth, you have families that you will grow and shape into confident, human beings who are compassionate and feel the calling of service in their hearts.  

This is what beautiful expanses of time and space look like -- all in front of your very eyes.

The limited life only comes about when we allow external factors to start closing in on what is possible.

It begins when our parents tell us what NOT to do, because it can endanger our physical bodies, our lives.

This is all fine because it allows for us to learn how to navigate on the Earth plane (as opposed to the spiritual realm of light and love, which is where we all come from). Thus, there is nothing “wrong” per se with having parents tell us what not to do because of certain dangers that really do exist.

For example, getting hurt if you touch a flame or something sharp, getting hurt if you were to get lost and not know who to ask for help -- all of these things exist because we are still getting used to being in the physical form, and specifically on Earth. There are plenty of ways to get hurt.

The key thing to remember as parents is HOW we go about communicating this to our children. Does it come from a place of fear or does it come from a place of love?

One can love a child, and desire that it lead a healthy and happy life at all times. This should be the ultimate vision in their minds, as opposed to the FEAR of what COULD happen if they were to get hurt. It is this vibration of fear and uncertainty that then starts creating the limited world for you, as a child.

This is all fine and it’s important to EMBRACE this because everyone deals with this conditioning when we are young. So, acknowledge that we grew up thinking that there are dangers out there and that we love the feeling of health and well-being.

This is a different feeling-state than thinking that there are dangers out there and wanting to have security because if we don’t, then we would not know what to do, or have what we were searching for.

This is the beginning of how our world becomes limited. There is nothing wrong with “limited”. But it is a different feeling than EXPANSIVEness. When we are expansive, we believe and know in our very beings that all things are possible. When we have thoughts that focus on this, we are in a state of alignment with the Divine.

When we feel contracted, limited, as if something else is controlling and holding us back, then we are not connected to the Divine. Just being aware of how we are feeling and whether or not it feels expansive or limited will help you to consciously create from a place of expansion.

Remember that you are all creators who are made from the same fabric of the Divine God. There is nothing that you are not, for God created everything. 

This is the first of many teachings that are designed to help you become aware of limiting beliefs, because they stand in the way of a life filled with purpose.

Expressing your purpose is all about taking a hard look at what limiting beliefs were stacked on starting when you were a child, what beliefs serve you or no longer serve you, and which beliefs you want to let go of.

Thank you for reading this and know that you are loved, very much so.


So ends the channeled text. What does this bring up for you?

I know even when I interact with little children, like my young cousins, I absentmindedly say things like "Don't do this" and "Don't do that or else you'll get hurt" -- all out of fear as opposed to pure love.

There may be a mix of the two emotions combined. I know for certain that our worry is disguised as love, and vice versa.

It is up to us to find the best motivating factors to change behavior and to notice where fear has become a motivating factor when it doesn't have to be. 

It takes conscious thought and retraining of our mind to speak from a state of pure love and well-being. Noticing our limiting beliefs and our fear-based thinking is the first step.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments!