STEP 2: tap into your inner strength WITH PRIVATE one-on-one PURPOSE COACHING 

  • Build your inner empowerment toolkit so you can handle life's curveballs better, with more inner peace 

  • Shatter your limiting beliefs with consistent practice and a supportive coach who sees your true potential

  • Learn to have a healthier relationship with your ego (your inner doubt, fear, worry, judgment, monkey mind) 

  • Receive intuitive guidance on your pressing concerns (ie, career, money, relationships, service) because everything is interconnected

Julie’s intuitive purpose reading was truly enlightening. I had some vague ideas about my career path but had struggled for years to piece things together— until Julie shared with me my soul’s purpose.

The coaching sessions that I had with her afterwards had even more profound influence on me. She has incredible insights into many life and career questions, and helped dispel a lot of doubts and confusions that I had along the way. I only wish to have met her earlier!

— Jennifer, Private equity analyst, New York City

are you aware of your limiting beliefs?

do you have the tools to handle life'S challenges?


For all clients who now know what their soul's purpose is, consistently expressing their purpose as well as learning and applying inner empowerment strategies are essential to personal growth and creating the life you want.

Purpose + Inner Empowerment + Consistent Expression = Growth + Fulfillment

For example, I knew what my life purpose was but it took me a year to gather up the courage and figure out a way to express it fully. I had already done a lot of inner work letting go of past memories, healing inner wounds, and had taken so many empowerment and meditation classes. That meant stress was building up inside when I knew I could be creating something so much more. 

While I believe everyone has their own timeline and journey, I also think you can avoid taking decades to "figure it out" if you consciously set the intention to live your purpose, build out your inner empowerment toolbox, and maintain a consistent practice of executing on or "being your purpose." 

If you're constantly worried, burning out, or feel pained because you know you are not expressing your purpose, then your emotional and intuitive centers have already been signaling to you that you need to align with your true north. Now is the time to actually listen to your intuition and invest in creating the life you want. 

Having a purpose coach to be your supportive partner, who has been there before (including knowing what to do when the ego mind takes over and you're filled with worry, uncertainty and doubt), who understands what you're going through, will help you expand into your purpose faster.


Accelerate your path with Purpose Coaching

We have different programs to meet your needs. Sign up for a free consultation to discover which ones are best for you. 

I offer individual, personalized coaching on how to express your purpose and provide inner empowerment education, recommendations, and tools to do so with confidence. 

We all know it's not easy to express your purpose everyday without a strong foundation of tools, whether it's starting a meditation practice, accessing your intuition, being aware of your thoughts and fears, and creating your vision. In my own personal life, I use a variety of tools every day, at any given moment, and it's all part of the journey. 


Who is this for? Purpose coaching sessions are for people who are fully committed to living their purpose and are seeking to accelerate how they do it. Clients are entrepreneurs, senior corporate or nonprofit executives, and high-achieving professionals looking to bring their best selves into the world, make an impact, and grow personally and spiritually. 

If you find that relying 100% on the rational way to do things is getting you burned out or is not fulfilling something greater that you know you're here to create, then this is for you! 

What does it include? During these sessions, you will receive:

>> Personalized purpose coaching: 

  • Helping you become aware of your blocks and move past them with consistent practice
  • Helping you explore your purpose with excitement, curiosity and a sense of adventure
  • Aligning your soul's purpose with that of your business, work, or service
  • Unlimited email coaching if you have any questions or comments in between the sessions
  • Written summary of each session and next steps and fun exercises emailed to you
  • Access to 1 hour of my time per session. Note that I also provide an additional 30 minutes of time for receiving intuitive guidance for mini-readings and preparing your summary.

>> Intuitive guidance:

  • Receive a mini, intuitive reading via the Akashic Records on any question of your choice (ie, How can I better approach money, relationships, my job or business?) because when your mind is distracted by these topics, you won't be able to focus on truly expressing your purpose
  • For entrepreneurs, receive guidance and coaching on what the purpose of your business is, and how you can align your soul's purpose to your business
  • Written intuitive guidance (text and description of any images) sent to your inbox after each session

>> Inner Empowerment Tools & Strategies:

  • An assessment of your current tools for inner empowerment (which may include meditation, yoga, journaling, energy healing, manifestation, self-help books, nature, spirituality, etc.) and any gaps or recommendations of how to use them  
  • Personalized guided meditations that are your best next steps (for example, clients may receive meditations to help them connect with their heart centers, release past traumas, or focus on sound meditations, depending on their purpose)
  • Methods to tap into your intuition and hear your inner voice

What is the impact of this coaching? Clients have seen: 

  • Confidence in trusting your own inner voice and tapping into your inner strength
  • Knowledge of inner empowerment tools at your disposal, and when and how to apply them during real life situations whenever you feel blocks, tense, or stressed
  • Courage to express your purpose for yourself and then towards helping others
  • Reinvigorated enthusiasm for a job or career if it aligns with your purpose
  • Seeming miracles in landing or manifesting job opportunities that are perfect for their right next step (trust me, when you are aligned with who you are, it becomes easier)
  • Creative ideas and connections to start or grow a new company or nonprofit whose own purpose aligns with their soul's purpose
  • Less stress, better sleep, more inner peace and positive outlook that you, your family, friends and coworkers will notice
  • Prioritization of the activities and people that rejuvenate you when before you had completely underestimated their value (and would have never changed course)
  • More synchronicities, aha moments, and breakthroughs
  • A sense of freedom in taking charge of your life short a more inspired and creative life that makes an impact in the world!



For those who have done the "Discover Your Purpose" session, now that you know your purpose and limiting blocks, now is the time to explore it. This package will give you the framework, methodology and personalized intuitive support to see what your purpose means for you. (3 weekly sessions per month at 1-hour each, plus unlimited email coaching. Sessions take place via Google Hangouts or Skype). 

"Purpose Explorers" 2-Month Purpose Coaching Package
1,200.00 1,500.00
  • 3 weekly sessions (1 hour each) per month via Google Hangouts (so 6 sessions total)
  • Unlimited email coaching
  • Written intuitive guidance and summaries of exercises and next steps
  • See above description for more details. 
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Have any questions or want to learn more about custom packages?

Email me at to set up a free phone conversation. I'm happy to see if this is a good fit for your needs to accelerate your purpose and if I am the guide, coach and mentor that you are looking for!


If you do not know your soul's purpose yet, learn more about the "Discover Your Purpose" session for all new clients.

Note: Depending on your current inner empowerment state and how aligned or misaligned you are from your purpose and true self, you may experience some ups and downs as you start shedding limiting beliefs and realigning your life to who you are. This is all part of the process and we recommend that you commit to the 2 months to see the best results.

Also, your commitment and intention to consistently express and explore your purpose is what determines your personal growth. Remember that it may be difficult to change your life overnight because of the years of limiting beliefs you may have accumulated. Know that you are naturally attuned to your purpose and you are exactly where you need to be in your personal growth. With a positive outlook, a willingness to try new things, and have fun, you can also express your purpose in fulfilling and beautiful ways.