Shift Your Morning Outlook: A Channeled Message


Shift Your Morning Outlook: A Channeled Message

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a blog post and I’m excited to be back! I decided to channel a message from the Akashic Records for you today. I never know what is going to come through, but I always look at them as lessons and guides for my own life as well (meaning, they can help anyone, no matter where they are on the spiritual journey).

Today’s message is about how we can express ourselves in a way that creates a ripple effect on our planet. It actually stems from something as simple as our attitude in the morning and how we view each day.

Keep in mind that every so often, there are words that are capitalized. Those words are just emphasized as a way for us to pay attention to those particular words.

I hope you enjoy this message and journaling exercise. Feel free to comment and let me know how this serves you!

“There is a tendency to just live everyday as if it were the same as the day before. But it is not.

Every day is an opportunity to create and express ourselves in new and exciting ways.

Think of each day as a renewable cycle. Each morning is a time of rebirth and renewal, like a mini-spring that heralds in a new day.

There is excitement, there is opportunity for new ideas, and there is a NEED and an INVITATION or WELCOMING of new ideas, fresh ways of looking at the same thing.

It could be a fresh way of looking at a conversation you had the previous day, or a problem you’re solving at work, or an argument that you’re trying to get out of your mind.

Most of life is about trying to get the past out of our psyches so that we can focus on the PRESENT moment.

The morning, like the spring, is a way to see how the winter-- the dead leaves, the things that no longer need to be in our space -- can just be buried with GRATITUDE, because it has taught us lessons and is nourishing us from a very foundational level.

The morning is thus a time to APPRECIATE what you have, to SEE it through new eyes, through new perspectives.

That being said, in the morning, you can journal on this or ask yourself this and CONSCIOUSLY speak out your truth in response.

What can be reborn or renewed today?

What elements from the previous season/day/the past can be seen through a new perspective?

How are you inviting this newness into your morning or are you holding on to old ways?

Think of each morning as an opportunity to be reborn. You can be someone closer to who you are -- a vessel of LOVE, of EXPRESSION, and of PEACE.

Reflect on this and for this week, see how this awareness and inquiry is able to shift your mornings and ultimately, the OUTLOOK that you have for the rest of the day and week.

Write down your thoughts and make it physical -- ie, get it out of your head! The more conscious you are, the more your thoughts are written down and your awareness is able to drop any baggage and shift with this new sense of lightness.”

Seeing the Positive Side of "Trying"


Trying something new can be daunting.

It can feel like running up a hill, only to find one of those walls from "American Ninja Warrior" in front of you. You run up the wall and just as you're about to reach the top, you make a spectacular fall. In front of an audience, no less.

Have you ever felt like all eyes were on you - looking at whether you'll make it or not? Does the mix of emotion (excitement for what's ahead and fear of failure) stop you in your tracks, before you even try something?

The word "trying" was such a "bad" term to me that I even tried (ha!) to cut it out of my vocabulary for the past year. 

In my head, the word's definition was intertwined -- it was a mixture of "doing something knowing that it would end in failure," or "giving a cop-out excuse to someone to get them off your back." 

Like, "Can you get this to me by Monday?" "I'll try." No one likes getting that as a response! Or "Did you get the results you wanted?" "I tried." 

It wasn't until I did an intuitive reading for someone that the whole notion of "trying" came up. I had always thought it was a word that was so shameful that it should never be spoken again (just ask my husband).

But the Akashic Records always manages to enlighten me on things I thought I was sure of. 

The reading said:

"We recommend looking at the word “try.” We know it is something of a loaded word because it might imply trying something new and perhaps not meeting your expectations, it could mean trying something different and it teaching you things that you wouldn’t have looked at otherwise, and any number of emotions that may feel at ODDS with one another.

We recommend looking at the POSITIVE spin of the word -- that implies, experimentation, no attachments to the outcome, and a WILLINGNESS to test things out.  

Try things out - like trying on a new dress or trying on a hat. There is no harm in doing so."

The whole notion of "trying" having a positive spin was absolutely new to me (and my ego).

Apparently I had crafted such a perfect story about the word that I had prevented myself from truly "trying" -- to put things on and test them out, with my mind clear to see all the possibilities that could happen. And if it fails spectacularly, to have the ability to try again with the same possibility of success, as opposed to replaying stories of the future disappointments or failures. 

The reading even gave an image of a little girl trying out the monkey bars for the first time. Each time she tried and fell, she would pick herself back up again and try again.

All the response that came afterward -- crying, hurting, being disappointed in herself, etc. -- was just that  -- a response AFTER the initial "trying". I had associated the two things so closely that for a long time, any mention of the word "trying" meant that the mind was already projecting into that moment of it "not going as you had wanted or planned." 

Reflecting on 2016

Looking back at the past year, I definitely saw a mix of areas where I tried new things both AS IF I were trying on a new dress (and if it didn't work, I'd just try the next one!) and AS IF I were "trying something on" from my story of the future just not working out.

I tried holding meetups for the first time and had some moments when I felt like I was running up the American Ninja Warrior wall. Sometimes there would be a ton of sign-ups, then barely one. Every time I tried it, I iterated based on the results -- testing different themes, locations, dates, formats, tickets, and exercises until I got to the method that worked.

If I had given up earlier, then I wouldn't have met so many amazing people every month with shared challenges and hopes. 

I tried giving mini-readings to people I didn't know, even in group settings, and I saw the huge impact they had in people's lives and what they thought was possible. I started owning my gift even more because now hundreds of people have had little sparks of light catalyze their lives so that they can be truly free.

I tried playing the ukulele after not doing so for years (after my first time didn't go as magically as I had imagined) and now I can play three of my favorite songs! (Including, Train's "Hey, Soul Sister") It helps when all the chords are the same. :-)

Purpose Tip:

My tip for you is to reflect back on your 2016 and see where you tried new things from a positive place or from a place of "story." What happened? Were there any differences between those approaches?

Now, for the rest of this year, try something new -- as if you are trying on a new hat or learning the monkey bars. If you fall, pick yourself back up - know that any emotional responses are not at all associated with "trying" and then envision the beautiful possibilities again. 

Let me know how it goes! 

And I invite you to try out a mini-reading with me!

If you haven't experienced this before, whether you're excited or unsure, then take a leap of faith and try it out. I promise you that our conversation will spark clarity and confidence so that you can take the next step in creating a life of joy. 

Sign up for a complimentary 30-minute strategy session and intuitive reading (value $150)*. Hundreds of people have said my mini-readings are "profound," "gets right to the heart of what's going on," and "life-changing."

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Get the new year started off feeling empowered and clear. 

Need Perspective? Channeled Advice, Post-Election

Many people reached out to me saying they were upset by the election of Donald Trump and the values and policies he represents. I know people who are responding with a whole range of emotions, from sadness and anger to surprise or sheer joy -- sometimes all within the same household.

I wonder what will happen and how it might affect me, my family and friends, and the trajectory of the nation. I wonder how such differing views can actually transform into a unified country, as if we can flip a switch.

One thing I kept coming back to, after doing so many Akashic Record readings, is the notion of duality.

Light and dark cannot exist just by themselves -- they need each other in order for people to understand what those concepts even mean. Same with love and fear, which are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Without understanding and experiencing fear and anger, for example, I would not appreciate love and peace as fully. 


From a 300,000 foot view then, I'm really not surprised by the outcome of the election. The silver lining is that now people realize that the nation is so divided. I think people need a ton more compassion and empathy training to go from the types of animosity the campaign has seen to a unified country. It doesn't happen overnight. 

To that end, I did an Akashic Record reading on the highest guidance regarding the election and how we can approach or understand people who voted differently - whether they are represented by red or blue. 

I hope this brings a bit of perspective. It already sparked some ways for me to address some disconnections in my own family and friends as a start.


What is the highest guidance regarding the presidential election? How can we approach people who seem to be so different?

To understand the journey, ask yourself -- in their shoes, what happened in their journey that led them to feel the need to hate or to love? What pivotal moments, overheard words, and moments of surprise or upheaval in their lives led them to create the filters they see through?

Everyone is human. Everyone is capable of feeling good or feeling bad. Everyone is capable of feeling love and feeling hate. It is the duality of the Universe, and both are needed in order to appreciate what it means to be Whole. It is this Oneness that stands to benefit when people see clearly - finally - the two different sides.

It is impossible to experience Oneness without first realizing that there are differences. It is impossible to experience differences without first realizing that there is Oneness. This may sound like an oxymoron, but imagine this. If you were a 2-D line, you would have no idea what exists on the 3-D plane. If you were a 3-D object, you may try to understand what it's like to just be a 2-D line in a 2-D world, but you'll never quite "get it."

It is the same when people cannot see and understand the other side, and then FEEL for them, and see the shared humanity. It does not condone hatred or the actions that may be motivated by it. But without building the bridge to even understand how others feel, no constructive dialogue can take place.

So, explore ways to reach out to people you resist or disagree with and start there. There is no point in resolving larger differences across states and borders when there are differences right in your home. Look at areas of disconnection and from your heart, say that you are committed to connection.

It may be with your father, mother, sibling, friend, or relative. Whoever is in your life that somehow they got out of contact with for any number of reasons, look at that, and build a bridge. The more bridges you build, the more you realize that even those people who are deemed closest to you can be disconnected, and then connected. And this is one step closer to connecting with those people who you deem as having irreconcilable differences. 

One step at a time. 


What bridges will you build in your own family and friends? What bridges will you build beyond that to understand and empathize with others you may not agree with?

In a Relationship Rut? 3 Things You Need to Know to Get Back into Gear

What happens when you're in a committed relationship and things suddenly get rocky? 

One day, you’re in love, and the next, your world is falling apart. You ask yourself, “Was I that oblivious to the problems in my relationship? Am I not trying hard enough?” 

Or, deep inside you just knew something was wrong. You didn’t know how, but there was an underlying worry that kept showing its face whenever things got tough. 

Whether you’re on the verge of, or freshly picking yourself up from, a breakup or divorce, you will regain a sense of understanding and peace of mind with these three points. 

Karen Shares Her Transformation

I've learned a lot after coaching over 100 high-achieving people who want to make an impact on the world. While they may initially come to me for different reasons, like for example feeling stuck in their career, my clients find that relationships come up as a top priority -- both how they relate to other people and also how they treat themselves. 

Today, I'm going to share Karen's story. She’s a journalist who recently found herself in a situation she never anticipated: 

"I had plummeted emotionally after a breakup with someone whom I'd been in a relationship with for years, and friends with for nearly two decades. I couldn't accept nor make sense of the forced separation and deep unentanglement that would have to take place afterwards.
I was a wreck. I couldn't eat or sleep and I experienced constant heightened anxiety, self-doubt and panic attacks. I had incredible support from friends near and far, but I needed something more. 
I wondered if having a purpose reading could somehow help me make better sense of myself and reclaim my me, my core."

Karen and I met and over a few hours, we discussed her purpose -- what it is, how it has manifested over time, how it related to her relationship, what blocks exist and what actions she can take.  

"The purpose reading with Julie resonated right from the start. Almost immediately, I burst into tears because the opening message was something that I'd internally been aware of since I was a child but hadn't exactly had the words to articulate nor the need to tease out and actively realize.
The reading infused me with a strong sense of honest hope."

After the session, I continued coaching Karen, helping her transition back to peace when moments got dark (because the mind chatter comes back!) and offering intuitive guidance to help her connect to her own self again. 

Once she understood her purpose, she was finally able to express herself fully. It's like when you first connect the wires to a new lamp, the light can flicker at first. But over time, it gets used to shining and the connection becomes secure, the light steady. 

“I felt bolder, and I felt more accepting of what was happening. I also felt things more intensely, including pain and loss, but I somehow understood that this was part of it all and part of my process of rightly grieving.
I started seeing signs, or sign posts (including one with a butterfly) that I was in the right place and that there was nowhere else that I could or should be. I started to embody my purpose in ways that I could and can viscerally feel." 

It’s been a few months since, and Karen is exploring what it’s like to express her purpose on a moment-to-moment basis. Aside from experiencing beautiful miracles and moments of joy that she writes to me about enthusiastically, she is on a journey of healing.

The more she is conscious of how her purpose shows up in her life, the more she is learning how to embrace life without judgment. 

So how does this help you to embrace your own relationships or breakups?


1. First, like Karen, know that sometimes things happen for a reason that you cannot even fathom right now. 

As Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something—your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

An argument or a breakup may seem like the end of the world or the end of all your dreams to get married, start a family, and spend the rest of your life with this person, but it's all going to be okay. And there's probably something really important that you learned that came out of the whole experience. 

When you know your purpose, the path leads to the kind of inner growth, beauty, and magic that only comes with a strong connection to your own self. You will see greener pastures. 


2. Your purpose is not just related to your career. It, in fact, directly impacts your relationships with others and with yourself. 

Knowing your purpose helps you understand what truly motivates you and what you have to live for. It helps you articulate what is missing in your life -- the absence of which affects your ability to be your true self. 

When you’re not being your true self, you feel an underlying tension that impacts your relationship with others. 

For example, if part of your purpose is to express your voice and share your story, and you have not done it to the level that your heart knows you can do, then the underlying tension of not being fully self-expressed causes frustration and stress. You lash out or get snappy at work or blame your significant other for your unhappiness, but it ultimately has to do with your own, sometimes unconscious, choices. 

I’ve seen many clients who, after consciously knowing their purpose or the purpose of their significant other, finally “get" it on a deeper level. They embrace quirks that normally would have caused frustration, and see how two people were meant to learn something from each other. They understand the role they played and are able to accept, as Karen did, what the present moment is. 

So, if you find yourself in relationship patterns or stuck in a rut, it might actually have to do with knowing and expressing your own true self. 


3. Your ego mind will try to convince you that you are not worthy of love. When you live your purpose, you naturally exude passion. 

After a breakup, people are quick to judge themselves. Don't let your own ego chatter convince you that you will never meet another person or that you can't be loved. 

When you are expressing your purpose and not paying attention to your ego mind chatter, you actually are in a positive state of mind to take new actions and see the possibilities around you. You become more open-hearted, leading you to creative ways to rekindle an existing relationship or discover a new one that is aligned with wonder and unconditional love. 

Many of my clients find themselves meeting new people -- romantic or otherwise -- that they never expected or imagined existed. They feel called to create a profile on a certain dating platform. They decide to attend a friend’s party when normally they would have stayed home. They reconnect with themselves and finally prioritize doing the things they are passionate about. They even manifest their ideal relationship.

So, when the ego chatter strikes, remember to let your true self shine. Allow yourself to be relaxed, excited and spontaneous. Otherwise, the people you are meant to meet cannot find you in the dark.


Are you ready to discover how knowing your purpose can clear the heartache and give you peace of mind?

Learn more about the “Discover Your Purpose” session and get back into gear with a conscious heart, a sense of purpose, and a connection back to your true self. 

Let’s start a new chapter.

If this blog post resonated with you, let me know! I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

What About The Money? - Channeled Text

This is the third of a series of blog posts that are fully channeled texts from the Akashic Records (all knowledge, information, thought, and emotions in the Universe  -- a massive library of consciousness, if you will) that are meant to impart higher wisdom so that we can better ourselves and the planet.

For more information on my process, check out my previous posts, Living a Greater Life, that explains how I do these channelings, and Focusing on the Opposite


What about the money?

In the past month, I've met so many amazing entrepreneurs and creative souls who are clearly following their passion and giving so much of themselves. They've created strong personal brands, are generating valuable content and services that support women, men, and especially entrepreneurs seeking to live their best lives -- and they are barely scraping by.

I know from personal experience that it can be a feast or famine, and that uncertainty drives our ego minds to the brink. Our heart though, when we listen to it, knows that we are already taken care of - we're alive, breathing, at peace. 

No one really talks about it though, unless they are truly honest about it or one of my intuitive readings reveals the core emotions of vulnerability and despair that clears out the need for any "looking good." 

When that happens, people let go of their shields, like a flower that can finally open up to receive the butterfly. And it feels liberating. They feel understood, recognized, and seen. And the butterfly can finally help them spread their word to others.

It is here when productive conversations arise. How can we empower each other? How can we collaborate? How can we take actions as a group, a community that cares for each other?

Because we can't do everything alone. That just relies on our own, finite personal willpower. It can yield results, sure, but it blocks out all the synchronicities that the Universe provides.

So, be vulnerable and honest, ask for support, trust, and allow for synchronicities to happen. Set the intention for miracles to happen everyday.

Use your eyes in a new way -- seeing what's possible, what's beautiful, and what you appreciate. When you put on these glasses, let me know what glorious moments you see.

Now, for the channeled text below...


Channeled from the Akashic Records:

Money is just energy.
Imagine it as a flowing river that just keeps moving, on and on. It takes whatever is in the river with it. It moves with a constantcy that makes it so powerful.
It is not the rushing river in "one go," that tumbles stones and makes them smooth and worn. It is the small acts of a thousand years that does so.
See money in this way. It is a thousand small acts, or even one small act, that opens the door for more to flow through.
It is not about a lump sum and especially for those in a tough financial spot, it is not about the relief you get from a giant sum of money pouring in. In fact, that implies that it is not ALREADY HERE and so there is an energy of lack that then appears. You know, that your underlying frequency is what attracts what you experience in the physical world.
What can these small acts be?
They can be to donate to a charity that you are inspired by even though you feel like you don’t have enough right now. It can be putting away a small amount, even a dollar towards the vacation fund that you think you can never achieve. It can be picking up a penny in the street and seeing that there is something to be received when you are out and about. It can be giving away your time and advice. It can be giving away your love and good wishes. These are all small acts, and a thousand of them, and yes, even one for those of you who feel at the mercy of things -- can make a difference.
It is a thousand droplets of water, multiplied by many, that form a river. They are just droplets of water.
Begin with the droplets. See the droplets, appreciate the droplets and know that when they add up, they carry incredible force.
Be conscious of that force, and know that it all starts somewhere.

The Magic of Synchronicity: Top 6 Conclusions

It's a moment you can't forget. 

You start to panic and then a song comes on the radio that gives you the guidance you were looking for.

You think of a friend that you haven't seen in a while and she texts you out of the blue. 

You see a butterfly in your apartment and it makes you think of someone you love who passed away. Even though it was in the middle of winter.

You remember these moments. They stick in your mind because something a bit out of the ordinary happens. They freak you out, leave you speechless, or both. 

Synchronicity (noun) is defined as the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

I've had a good number of synchronicity happen in my life, and while they may have no discernible causal connection, I don't think they are random chance. 

For example, my husband and I were having one of those conversations in which it was clear our egos were at play. As we talked back and forth, you could feel our internal frustration levels rising because we hadn't rationally "figured out" a solution.

At that moment, a bird landed on our air conditioning unit. 

Both of us froze and turned to the window.

It was a mourning dove. It was huge and it literally peered through the window, staring at us. It made this beautiful cooing noise and moved its head from side to side, peering at us with curiosity. Daring us to breathe.

My husband and I looked at each other. 

Both our egos stopped at that point, and our Higher Selves (our true, authentic selves) came in. The frustration and the need to have the last word fell away. No words really needed to be spoken at that point. Being energetically sensitive, I felt waves of peace flow to me. They were very subtle but I felt them through my body. 

He also felt that sense of peace and we ended the conversation on that note. It felt like we had let out a silent sigh of relief. It was like the Universe decided to chime in on our conversation to tell us to just let it go.


Because of this beautiful moment, I wanted to see if other people had similar experiences.  

What were their stories, if any? What kind of meaning did they derive from them, if any? Who were involved? What patterns exist?

The analyzer in me wanted to get more information, so I sent out a brief survey and received 20 responses (thank you to all who participated!). Using that data, examples of your stories (noted in italics), and my own experiences, I came to some conclusions about synchronicity that I share with you here. 

(Note - given the small sample size, take this as the start of gathering data. You are invited to contribute your own thoughts about synchronicity here with this brief survey. Plus, note that the respondents are biased given those who respond are likely those who feel compelled to share their own synchronicity beliefs or experiences.)


Top 6 Conclusions about Synchronicity


1. Synchronicity is not uncommon. 

In fact, it happens fairly often. For some people, they experience moments like these once or twice in a lifetime, but for many others, they occur far more often. 55% of those surveyed experience synchronicity at least once a month, including those who get it a few times a week or even a few times a day! 40% of people intentionally ask for or seek out synchronicity.

Imagine how magical your life would be if you experienced synchronicity and expected it to happen, all the time!

2. Impeccable timing and a shared experience bring about deeper meaning. 

75% of respondents thought that synchronicities have a deeper meaning, and that they are not mere coincidences or happenstance, while the rest were not sure why they even happen in the first place. No one (0%) surveyed thought that these events did not have any meaning.  People shared:

"Ever since my mother passed, I always hear her favorite songs come on. My siblings would experience this too, sometimes on the same day as me." 

"I get perfect transit connections when I think I'm going to be late and then I end up on time!" 

"I always see the same number patterns starting from a few years ago: 1111s, 444s, etc."

"I received a text from a friend in a specific neighborhood when that particular neighborhood came up in a separate conversation."

Given the complexity of the events, a majority of people (60%) thought that "the Universe has a larger plan" and 45% thought that "we are all connected on some level." Just 5% did not learn anything from the events. 

"I think it's important to notice [synchronicity] because it means you're awake and noticing the world around you." 

Besides the timing, the fact that many of these are shared experiences with other people or other forces outside of our own personal control (like trains or radios), make them stand out.

It's one thing when it's just you experiencing it. It holds more weight when your siblings also experience the same thing, or if the timing is so perfect that you shave a few minutes off your expected commute. 

3. Workplace synchronicity happen in ways that seem to benefit you and your larger purpose.

Survey respondents shared:

"As my severance pay was coming to an end, I received a call from a former colleague about a temporary position that she recommended me for. I did not look for the job... I trusted that Life would bring me what I needed and it did." 
"I was wondering about how my colleague was doing, and then I ran into her the next day. She brought this new management class to my attention and I ended up taking it."
"My mother began requiring 24/7 care due to Alzheimer's just as my work slowed to the point that I could leave it to care for her."
"My team was looking to hire a catering company and found out that the person on the other end of the phone was the best friend of one of our teammates."
"I got an opportunity to participate in a documentary on HBO. I've always wanted to be a part of something huge that would benefit a massive amount of people... The people I work with and especially my mentor at work were highly influential in making this happen for me. I felt and still feel absolutely amazing about it. I'm a little nervous too, but I know this is what I am supposed to do. I'm confident in my intuition right now."

The rational mind would normally freak out if a job started slowing down or the bank account started dwindling. But when something positive arises at the same time, like having the freedom to take care of a loved one, or it makes way for a new opportunity that you hadn't even thought was possible, then it feels great. Even if you're a bit nervous to take on these opportunities, it seems to plug you in to a larger purpose that your soul was yearning to step into. 

The next time something unexpected at work happens, take it in stride and see if there's something else that it is paving the way for.

4. Animals like talking to you and are usually there to say that everything is okay.  

Animals come up a lot in synchronicity stories. They remind me of Disney's Cinderella and Snow White, who can both seemingly communicate with animals and are always getting help from their furry friends. As my own story showed, when animals appear in these synchronicity events, they bring peace and comfort.

How likely is it that animals will land on your windowsill or hover, unafraid, in front of you? Some people think they are angels themselves or that spiritual beings are orchestrating them to give them comfort. Whatever it may be, these stories give people meaning and a lasting impression. 

"I was sitting by the lake -- the same lake my sister and I had sat at many times before her sudden passing... My sister collected hummingbird figurines. As I was sitting quietly, enjoying the lake, I was startled as a hummingbird flew into my face and hovered, flapping her little wings. This little bird was nose-level to me and just stayed and stared into my eyes. No doubt 100% it was my sister sending me a sign that she is with me. I felt comfort, joy, peace and happiness."
"My wedding was a rainy day in October. I was overjoyed but unsettled and anxious -- all the things you might feel. We went outside to take a few pictures with some floral arrangements that were outside (the rain had turned to mist by then). I turned and saw a beautiful deer with a full set of antlers standing and gazing at me. He bowed his head and turned and walked away and I felt so good. I felt like nature was saying, "It's OK, it's all going to be OK." I've never let go of that! It made me feel so peaceful and confident at a moment when I had to look happy and together but didn't feel it all the way, like I thought I was supposed to. It felt like a little miracle!"

5. Even if you're a world away, reassurance is able to find you. 

What makes the shared experience even more out-of-this-world is when you go to places in the middle of nowhere and you still manage to run into people. The circumstances surrounding these stories also give more weight -- in some of these cases, people were seeking (whether consciously or unconsciously) connection, comfort and reassurance. They happened to find it in the unlikeliest of circumstances.

People shared:

"I was feeling very sad after a decisive fight over the phone with my partner. I was alone in the middle of India, and a thought came by: "I wish I had a girl friend to talk to at this moment". Maybe 15 minutes later, I decided to get some air outside. I waved for the first tuk-tuk (out of 1000 passing by) and low and behold, seated alone in it was a dear friend that I haven't spoken to for almost one year. Just the very same person that helped me with a relationship drama a year ago. It was so much to take in, that the both of us kept staring at each other, completely speechless."
"I randomly decided to go to a part of town that I wouldn't normally go to. I came across someone who I've lost touch with, who ends up telling me about something where our lives could (and should) overlap! We connect and find ways to help each other out."
"I had randomly heard about a yoga teacher training program, and the dates happened to work out perfectly with my schedule for the next few months (in spite of the crazy hours I was putting in at work and the unusual travel schedule I had). I signed up, but did not know precisely why I was feeling so called to do this. Well, a week after I graduated from the program, my father passed away. And that's when I knew there was some larger plan that was telling me that I needed the tools I'd learn through yoga to equip me through the next period of grieving."

6. Synchronicities are beautiful moments and particularly helpful when you're looking for deeper meaning, but don't get attached to them. Rely on your own internal peace. 

This is particular to me, but I wanted to share this. After seeing the dove land on my window, my ego mind was quiet for a few days. I kept coming back to that incident whenever I hit an obstacle to remind myself of how beautiful and complex the Universe is.  

What's interesting is that I noticed my ego started expecting MORE synchronicities. It wanted to see more doves land right in front of me. It was never satisfied, wanting to have more and more of these signs before it could feel peace. It wanted to rely on something external, rather than internal, to feel comfort. While it was great that my mind started to see miracles as normal, that was not the point. 

Relying on anything external, even synchronicities to bring you peace, is a never-ending battle. What I recommend we all focus on, is just how special that moment is.

Be in the experience of that moment because every moment, no matter how synchronous, IS beautiful.


So, next time you get a shared experience with another -- whether it is a human being, an animal, a loved one, a spirit, or technology -- be aware of how incredible that moment is.

Connecting in that time and space, with everything that is going on your lives, gives you pause to wonder. 

I invite you to welcome the next synchronicity and intend to receive miracles everyday not because they bring significant meaning, but just because you can.

Be sure to feel thankful when you can feel the touch of magic that comes when unlikely events align. In that moment, anything, and more, is possible.

What To Do When Your Ego Takes Over

This is the third of a series of blog posts that are fully channeled texts from the Akashic Records (all knowledge, information, thought, and emotions in the Universe  -- a massive library of consciousness, if you will) that are meant to impart higher wisdom so that we can better ourselves and the planet.

For more information on my process, check out my previous two posts, Living a Greater Life on uncovering limiting beliefs, and Focusing on the Opposite, on what happens when your life looks like a mish-mash of everything you *don't* want.  

Note: In this post, I added the titles of 'helpful hints' and headers to make it easier for you to read. Everything else, including the all-caps-for-emphasis, is all channeled text. 


Purple Flux, Jeff Badillo, Crosby Street Gallery

What To Do When Your Ego Takes Over

Life is a series of moments, one after the other, and the ones that you remember most lie on the far ends of the spectrum of love and fear.

On the one hand, you have what is called unconditional love, where you feel this great overwhelment of joy and bliss in your heart. Every little thing feeds that love -- from seeing the birds singing in the trees, to the slight breeze and the smell of ocean air in your nose, to the sight and sounds of children laughing. This pure, unadulterated joy is what embodies pure bliss.

You might have experienced moments like this from time to time, or maybe you don’t even recall ever having experienced such feelings. This is where your happiest memories lie, and this is where bliss lives.

People often think that this bliss is fleeting, that once you have it, it is already gone. And then you’re left, wanting for the next feeling of bliss and wracking your brain for HOW you will experience it again.

For people who are obsessed with experiencing this bliss, who do not have the infinite wells WITHIN to sustain themselves -- they will turn to external methods of experiencing this bliss. This could come in the form of drugs, of alcohol, of extremism -- whether it is thrill seeking adventure or reveling in the stress-induced adrenaline and pain of their constant, worrying lives.

Some people can even mistake this stress for bliss, because the ups and downs that the body experiences mirror that feeling of transformation -- of going from the “normal” to the “unique” and ‘miraculous” feelings of bliss.


HELPFUL TIP #1: bliss is normal

unlearn what society taught you. 

But what we are here to tell you, is that THIS BLISS IS NORMAL. It is your natural state, it is NOT unique and is certainly not miraculous.

It is your own society’s beliefs and ego-made constructs that have TAUGHT you ERRONEOUSLY that bliss is unique, fleeting, and leaves you wanting more, and wracking your brain for how that will come about.

Bliss - it may look like that day when you are making enough money through your business to pay your bills and a little extra, and you feel on top of the world. 

Then -- having survived that month, it may look like that deep well of sadness and concern about where your income is going to come from, and how you will pay the bills the next month. This is the stage of “wracking your brain for the HOW.”  

When you are in this stage, you are the OPPOSITE of bliss. When you are in this stage, you are governed by your ego mind, which is rational, and only knows what has transpired in the past, what the present moment looks like from the LIMITED point of view of the ego, and what the future *could* look like based on the past.

This form of using trend analysis or past, historical data to predict the slope of the lines in the future is working from the EGO, rational mind. This form of mindset DOES NOT ALLOW for more, creative possibilities which is how the Universe and the Divine Mind operates.

When the Universe is co-creating with you, the realm of possibilities are purely endless and unlimited. That means, that your income *can* come from other, natural ways, that are NOT miraculous. It is your society’s teaching that miracles are unique and few and far between that prevent you from truly embodying your soul’s knowing that all things are possible.

When you realize that this happens, allow yourself to say thank you, to the ego mind, for providing us with an indicator that the view of the world is limited. From the Higher Self and the Universe, the view of the world is UNlimited. This INDICATOR is all you need to be aware of so that you can then focus your attention on what your mind wants to create.

Helpful Tip #2: Awareness comes first 


It may even help you to draw out what your ego mind *thinks* is possible. And then draw out what your Divine Mind knows is possible -- which is everything. This clear, graphical, visual representation will allow your subconscious mind to reprogram itself with this new knowing that is ultimately your natural knowing. You are un-learning years and years of human ego-mind fear and concern.

Let’s take a look at what that other side of the spectrum looks like. This is where fear, worry, concern, doubt, uncertainty and survival lives. It is all about the the physical body and self-preservation. The ego-mind will do anything in its power to let you know of all the dangers that may appear to you, and all the ways for you to pick battles, start fights, and fight-flight-or-freeze yourself into a better situation.

The Truth of the matter here is that there IS no such thing as a *better* situation in the ego-mind. Everything is always a life or death situation, and death may look like experiencing disapproval, feeling failure, not having enough money, not being able to survive, not being able to show your face to your peers, not being able to make the impact that you want to make in the world.

It can feel subtle, or it can feel like it’s a hammer hitting you on the head. This fear occurs on a spectrum, and when you are in it, it is nearly impossible for you to see yourself in it -- unless you have the AWARENESS and unless you have someone else to see you and be aware FOR YOU.

HELPFUL TIP #3: talk to the mirror 

saying how you feel out loud to your reflection gets out the emotion and leads to your inner voice 

That is why it is helpful to look at yourself in the mirror and to talk to yourself, so that you have this level of awareness when you are by yourself. Making affirmations is useful. But the real test is when you’re able to dig yourself out of the ego-trench when you are looking at your own reflection. Start by talking out loud as the spoken word has power, and if spoken for long enough and prefaced by “My heart says this… My Divine Mind says this…”, it will lead you to speak from your Higher Self. With practice, you can turn yourself around to the Higher Self when you are alone in front of the mirror.

HELPFUL TIP #4: find a buddy 

Enlist a buddy to see you at your best self when you can't. have them USE SOUND TO UPLEVEL YOUR FREQUENCIES. 

If someone else is there to see you, and to bring you that level of awareness, use sound to snap your ego mind out of it, and use love -- the physical and energetic expression of love to help the brain and the heart get back on the natural track. This could look a hug, it could look sending love and light from your heart to another, it could look like saying loving words and expressions of love. Anything else will be from the ego-mode, and will only trigger and amplify more arguments between two egos.

It is important to have this level of self-awareness, and to have someone -- whether it’s a friend, a family member, a coach, a teammate, who is comfortable enough to provide that level of awareness, and that level of unconditional love. Seek out and surround yourself with these people so that there will always be a buddy to provide that awareness.

HELPFUL TIP #5: your life matters

don't give up when the going gets tough. you are strong. 

We end here to say that this is all part of the journey, and that yes, sometimes your ego-mind will ask why it had decided to take this journey. Just know that everything leads to your natural state of bliss and joy, and that this level of awareness and growth is what will heal the world. If you’re not doing it for yourself, know that you are doing it for others, and you are much loved already. You have just turned your face from it for a split second, but you are still bathed in that love.

Know that the Universe is all-loving, and that even in the worst of times, your soul is experiencing growth in service to the rest of the world on an energetic level, and that you are much stronger than your ego mind will ever think you are. Listen and act from your Higher Self. Love and know that you are always loved. That is your natural state.

Aetna, a Congressman, and mindfulness? Wisdom 2.0 Recap

I spent a fantastic week in the San Francisco area in February to attend the Wisdom 2.0 conference, a gathering of 3,000 people enthusiastic about mindfulness, meditation, inner wisdom, business and tech. 

I'll be sharing a series of posts from that trip alone, which was infused daily with so much serendipity that I came back with even greater confidence that my work with purpose and inner empowerment is much-needed and necessary for the modern soul. 

Among the many highlights was a panel on Mindfulness & Medicine: The Future of Healthcare with Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna, Tim Ryan, Congressperson of Ohio (D), and Jon Kabat-Zinn, the father of evidence-based mindfulness-based stress-reduction (MBSR). 

(L to R): Congressman Tim Ryan, CEO of Aetna, Mark Bertolini, and Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of MBSR - mindfulness-based stress reduction.

As someone who worked in the healthcare technology field for a few years, creating initiatives that link startups with hospitals seeking to pilot technologies with patients, I kept coming back to the fact that tech can be nice, but sometimes we were never really treating the root of the underlying problem.

And, as a patient of this medical system myself who believes that my inability to counter stress for years plus diet/nutrition issues from social pressures led in part to full-blown medical issues, I was literally sitting at the edge of my seat with this star panel, hanging onto every word. 

They talked about: 

  • how an Uber-for-nurses could revolutionalize how we receive preventative care and promote community economic development (entrepreneurs - JUMP on this idea!)
  • how government needs to align their spending to things that actually work to promote health, creating better living and working conditions and healthy environments
  • how Bertolini used mindfulness and yoga to ease his constant pain after a horrific, near-fatal ski accident
  • how Aetna has a Chief Mindfulness Officer(!), and gave its employees FREE meditation, mindfulness and yoga, and even did a study showing the decrease in healthcare costs, decrease in stress (cortisol levels) and increase in productivity. 
  • how schools across the country are seeing the incredible effects of mindfulness on lowering student suspension rates and cortisol (stress) levels, while increasing focus

The private Q&A afterwards was even better -- clinicians, dentists, patients, teachers, and parents all talked about how stress relates to mental health, physical health, and how more can be done to advance how institutions are providing health-care as opposed to disease-care. 

This, of course, needs cooperation with federal and state governments in relation to billing and reimbursements and what types of providers and practitioners are allowed to offer service.

In addition, we need new public or private sources to fund rigorous clinical studies. Aetna published the results of their own study in the Journal of Occupational Health and is investing its own funds via the Aetna Foundation on related research and programs. (See a New York Times article here and a PBS segment interviewing Bertolini for more resources). 

I came away, first of all, excited that these leaders are being the pioneers to integrate inner empowerment with everyday life in the corporate world. We all know that people need to lower stress and it takes time and guts for people to stand up for something that works, that may not be "conventional." 

At the 2015 Integrative Health Conference, I remember that physicians talked about how effective and inexpensive alternative treatments are, including acupuncture, and how misunderstood they were for decades (and to some extent, still misunderstood). In fact, the Department of Defense had pioneered research and field studies in acupuncture and other forms of pain management years before it entered mainstream medicine. 

Secondly, I came away inspired that people in the audience are all interested in seeing more advancement of integrative therapies and alternative therapies in their lifetime.  The conference made it clear that just a few years ago, CEOs and leaders of our country used to be afraid to talk about mindfulness, meditation, or yoga, and now they are more likely to speak openly about it. Now it takes cooperation, cross-sector movement, and apparently organizing people to petition their congressperson to promote more opportunities in health and integrative medicine. 

My third, and greatest takeaway, is that the more we have actual dialogue about inner empowerment and its role in everyday life, and the more people can experience its effects in lowering stress, the better. 

Anyone interested in continuing the conversation in New York City? I'd love to start or be a part of these types of dialogues. Only with open conversation can we create anything truly inspired and game-changing. 

Focusing on the Opposite - Channeled Text

This is the second of a series of blog posts that are fully channeled texts from the Akashic Records (all knowledge, information, thought, and emotions in the Universe  -- a massive library of consciousness, if you will) that are meant to impart higher wisdom so that we can better ourselves and the planet.

For more information on my process, check out my previous post, Living a Greater Life, that explains how I do these channelings. 


First, I'll provide some context so that you understand how to apply this information in your life. My spiritual journey started when I learned about the Law of Attraction, popularized by books like "The Secret" and those written by Lynn Grabhorn and Abraham Hicks.  

The concept is that your thoughts and feelings create your reality. If you're into quantum physics, neuroscience, psychology, or spirituality, then you're probably aware that your beliefs, positive emotions, and intentions are all very important for you to experience the life you want. If you're not aware, then stay tuned for future blog posts!

Well, what happens when we use our best manifestation skills to create something we didn't want? That's called WORRY, ie, laser-sharp focus on one thing over anything else, except this time it's charged with negative emotions of fear. 

Maybe you're constantly worrying about making enough money and paying the bills, or you're worrying about being hurt in a relationship, or getting scammed by a business partner. When you are constantly focused on something you don't want out of fear (either because you experienced it in the past, or you're worried you can't handle it if you experience it in the future), it's highly likely that there are some aspects of your life that you want to change, and you feel stuck, helpless.

So how can you change it? I first came upon the idea of reversing your perceptions and focusing on the opposite of what your life looks like now in a book written by Sonia Choquette, one of my all-time favorite authors on intuition. This channeling dives into on what she calls the Law of Reversal and how you can use your awareness to help you reverse what you've created in your life and focus on what you DO want.  This text uses money as the object of worry, but it can be applied to anything else.

The only edits I've made are related to spacing and paragraphs so that you may read it easier on a webpage. The capitalized words are all part of the channeled text, for emphasis. 

May this serve you. 

Mirrored Dusk, by Jeff Badillo

The Law is Attraction says that whatever you focus your attention on is what is being created.

When you notice that you are creating things that you DO NOT WANT to experience, then by calling upon the Law of Reversal, you just focus on the OPPOSITE of what you don’t want and then that will allow the Universe to help you.

The key is that you put your security not on your ego or your partner/spouse, or your employer, or your friends or your business, but in the hands of your Higher Self and your Creator (God, Universe, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Love, Nature’s Knowing, whatever you want to call this collective consciousness that is intelligent and much greater than a single individual).

When you put your security into the hands of your Higher Self, which is your DIRECT connection to this Infinite Intelligence, you are essentially saying that you forgo your ego’s wishes to CONTROL everything or to FEEL as if it is controlling everything, and relinquish it to the realm of ALL POSSIBILITIES.

In the realm of all possibilities, the ego does not control anything. When something is controlled, it automatically means that it is LIMITED. In an unlimited state of being, NOTHING is controlled.

That means that in a world where you are a millionaire and then you lose all of that money and have nothing left to your name other than your living, breathing body -- 
and you are STILL at PEACE with yourself and your Creator -- then you have achieved a level of ONEness and spirituality that many different faiths talk about.

In the “real world”, that is, the world of your ego (which feels real, but isn’t), if that were to happen to you, you would be FREAKING OUT.

There would be no way that you would be okay with that because you are trying to control everything - you control where your money comes from, what it is spent on, who is in charge of it, who you are keeping it away from, why you are keeping it away from them, and all of these reasons come from a feeling-state that is contracted, of the ego.

When you are in a state of unlimited freedom, it DOESN’T MATTER if you are a millionaire or penniless.

If you are living, breathing, and on this planet with the AWARENESS that you are alive, then you have already won. You have already exemplified what it is like to be ONE with the Universe. This is present-moment living, and this is all that ultimately matters.

Yes, people talk about how you can use the Law of Attraction and manifestation to create wealth and money (you see all this talk of making 6-figures in a year or 7-figures in a year) but it is important to realize that NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

You can create it, sure, and exercise your Law of Attraction skills, but it ultimately doesn’t matter.

If that is your be-all and end-all, it does not mean that you are necessarily growing spiritually. It is not a guarantee -- it is more an indication that you have mastered the Law of Attraction, and have gone through the growth necessary in order to be in the state of RECEIVING.

The key is to embrace every moment, to know that the ultimate yardstick is if you were alive and breathing, no matter the financial situation, that you are grateful, full of love, and find joy.

The Law of Reversal helps you to fully be aware of when you are creating something that you don’t want.

Or if other people are in dire situations and you feel helpless, and unable to control the situation FOR THEM, then, call upon your thoughts to become the shape of what you wish for them to experience instead.

Focus on the wealth that you feel you have right now (whether it is wealth in the form of life, in relationships, in the experience of the sunshine), and be grateful. Know that your Higher Self is the one who can lead you to the state of BEING that you wish.

Once you are aligned energetically, you can actually see the sparks of inspiration and hear the messages that will come to you.

There are numerous signs and symbols all around you. It is a matter of being in the right state of BEING to notice them.

** End of Channeled Text **

Reflecting on this, I found that when I was stuck in ego-mode, worrying about money, new projects, relationships, etc, I was not able to focus my mind on what I wanted to create.

By being aware of where my attention was, and then consciously focusing on the joy of helping others, I was able to snap out of it and feel lighter.

I also had to be aware that I could reverse my situation, that it wasn't permanent. Everything could change in an instant. It was just my belief at that moment that speed, in relation to time, didn't exist. That was what would hold me back. 

Knowing about manifestation and reversing my perceptions have allowed things to happen much faster for me now. I feel like the Universe is guiding me to clients, partners, and collaborators, and the speed is incredible!  

I've had so many spiritual experiences and unbelievable synchronicities happen in my life to KNOW with certainty that anything is possible when we put our minds and hearts on it. This is an ongoing process of learning and exploring what this means for me, and I'm grateful to have these tools to help. 

How does this post resonate with your own manifestations and creations? Are you aware of aspects of your life that you want to change, and what its opposite could be? 

Living a Greater Life - Channeled Texts

This is the start of a series of blog posts that are fully channeled texts from the Akashic Records (all knowledge, information, thought, and emotions in the Universe  -- a massive library of consciousness, if you will) that are meant to impart higher wisdom so that we can better ourselves and the planet.

My Process

The process I use is the same as when I connect to the Akashic Records to know your soul's purpose -- I meditate, say a prayer to the Infinite Intelligence (God, Universe, Source, Divine Love, whatever you want to call it, however you may seek to understand it) that all information is for our highest good. Then, I use my clairaudience intuitive sense (clear hearing) to write down thoughts -- basically like dictation, word for word.

As you can see, the words are more poetic than what I might typically use, and the energy of the words themselves are very positive. They are incredibly powerful when spoken out loud.

In my own consciousness, it takes me days to perfect a paragraph. When I'm channeling, the words are beautifully crafted, stream-of-a-higher-consciousness, with no pauses for word-smithing. It boggles my own mind that such perfection and intentionality exists. 

I'm learning everyday from these channelings and I love it. :-)

The only edits I've made are related to spacing and paragraphs so that you may read it easier on a webpage. The capitalized words are all part of the channeled text, for emphasis. 

May this serve you. 

Abstract light reminds me of the greater consciousness that exists that all of us can tap into. 


Living a Greater Life

Living a life that is led by inner peace and inspiration is completely possible in this world.

The only thing that you have to know is that this is a CHOICE. All other avenues are merely excuses coming from the ego that is attached to living a very limited life.

What does this limited life look like?

It is probably very familiar to you because every human being comes into this world as UN-LIMITED. Yes, they might be babies and can’t speak, but their frame of mind IS of complete expansion.

Imagine just how amazing it feels to be born into this world with your whole life ahead of you.

You have unknown dreams that you can create, you have artistic pursuits that you can bring forth, you have families that you will grow and shape into confident, human beings who are compassionate and feel the calling of service in their hearts.  

This is what beautiful expanses of time and space look like -- all in front of your very eyes.

The limited life only comes about when we allow external factors to start closing in on what is possible.

It begins when our parents tell us what NOT to do, because it can endanger our physical bodies, our lives.

This is all fine because it allows for us to learn how to navigate on the Earth plane (as opposed to the spiritual realm of light and love, which is where we all come from). Thus, there is nothing “wrong” per se with having parents tell us what not to do because of certain dangers that really do exist.

For example, getting hurt if you touch a flame or something sharp, getting hurt if you were to get lost and not know who to ask for help -- all of these things exist because we are still getting used to being in the physical form, and specifically on Earth. There are plenty of ways to get hurt.

The key thing to remember as parents is HOW we go about communicating this to our children. Does it come from a place of fear or does it come from a place of love?

One can love a child, and desire that it lead a healthy and happy life at all times. This should be the ultimate vision in their minds, as opposed to the FEAR of what COULD happen if they were to get hurt. It is this vibration of fear and uncertainty that then starts creating the limited world for you, as a child.

This is all fine and it’s important to EMBRACE this because everyone deals with this conditioning when we are young. So, acknowledge that we grew up thinking that there are dangers out there and that we love the feeling of health and well-being.

This is a different feeling-state than thinking that there are dangers out there and wanting to have security because if we don’t, then we would not know what to do, or have what we were searching for.

This is the beginning of how our world becomes limited. There is nothing wrong with “limited”. But it is a different feeling than EXPANSIVEness. When we are expansive, we believe and know in our very beings that all things are possible. When we have thoughts that focus on this, we are in a state of alignment with the Divine.

When we feel contracted, limited, as if something else is controlling and holding us back, then we are not connected to the Divine. Just being aware of how we are feeling and whether or not it feels expansive or limited will help you to consciously create from a place of expansion.

Remember that you are all creators who are made from the same fabric of the Divine God. There is nothing that you are not, for God created everything. 

This is the first of many teachings that are designed to help you become aware of limiting beliefs, because they stand in the way of a life filled with purpose.

Expressing your purpose is all about taking a hard look at what limiting beliefs were stacked on starting when you were a child, what beliefs serve you or no longer serve you, and which beliefs you want to let go of.

Thank you for reading this and know that you are loved, very much so.


So ends the channeled text. What does this bring up for you?

I know even when I interact with little children, like my young cousins, I absentmindedly say things like "Don't do this" and "Don't do that or else you'll get hurt" -- all out of fear as opposed to pure love.

There may be a mix of the two emotions combined. I know for certain that our worry is disguised as love, and vice versa.

It is up to us to find the best motivating factors to change behavior and to notice where fear has become a motivating factor when it doesn't have to be. 

It takes conscious thought and retraining of our mind to speak from a state of pure love and well-being. Noticing our limiting beliefs and our fear-based thinking is the first step.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments!