Does this sound familiar to you?

"There's gotta be more to life than working at my job, day in and day out."

"I know I have a larger purpose, something I want to share with the world, but I need the money, time and energy to make it happen." 

"I don't want to get up in the morning because I dread going to work. I want to feel EXCITED for what tomorrow brings again."

"I have a great career and relationships, but deep inside, I know my life is missing something. And I don't know what it is."

I understand, because I was there, and so were my clients.

These were all questions that I had, and I found great support by tuning into myself and listening to what my heart desired. I wanted to sing. I wanted to help other people. I wanted to be happy.  Having spent ten years leading a successful career in urban planning, economic and community development, though, I was already helping people through my career. I was already relatively happy because I spent eight years reading self-help books with an unrelenting hunger and committing to self-improvement. But I knew I could be so much more. I was attached to a life that was both exciting, yet felt routine. How could that be?

I am blessed to have strong intuitive abilities and all of you do to some extent -- think of the last time you had a "gut feeling" or followed your "intuition." I like to say it's like a muscle. The more you exercise it and intentionally strengthen it, the easier it becomes. Using these senses, I found out through the Akashic Records, which is like a giant library of information about your soul -- its thoughts, emotions, dreams, and everything in between -- that the reason I felt like something was off was because I wasn't expressing my purpose. 

My purpose is to use my voice to sing, to build a family of spiritually empowered people and to share my story. 

When I accessed this higher knowledge with my intuition, I felt it immediately in every cell of my body. I figured out my purpose. And I cried. 

Whether or not you're a skeptic, this simple realization of my purpose has brought extreme clarity and guidance for how I can truly be myself, and thus, truly happy. I realized I had been running away from my dreams of singing because society (or myself) considered them hobbies or that it wasn't important enough to spend time on.  I knew I wanted to help people through my career and had been doing so incredibly well, but I didn't realize exactly how until that moment.  And I definitely didn't share my story, keeping my intuitive abilities and spiritual journey very private because of what others might think. Until now. :-) Looking back on numerous stressful job and life experiences, I'm now able to connect the dots to see how my purpose affected every aspect of my life.

But knowing it wasn't enough. I needed the inner strength to get out of my own way.

For a while, I didn't act on my purpose because of any number of reasons -- I didn't have time or energy, fear of failure, creative blocks, I was too busy at work. Then, lo and behold, a year had passed by and my life was still the same. One day, my husband and I got really sick with the worst flu of our lives leading right up to New Year's. While it was downright unpleasant, it was also the best thing that happened to us. I finally had the time and motivation to help others find their purpose.  I helped my husband find his purpose and it changed his life pretty immediately, helping him to have the courage to start a new company. When I started doing this for others -- my friends, colleagues, people I didn't know who were referred to me -- the results were simply breathtaking.

With each person I shared my story with, that you do not have to be a victim in your life and that there is such thing as leading a purpose-centered life unique to you, the more I realized that this needed to be shared with the world.  

Because of how much I have learned and grown from this knowledge, and because I view the expression of our unique purpose as one of the keys to addressing issues in economic development, education, healthcare, and general happiness, I decided to take the entrepreneurial leap.

I finally found a beautiful expression of my purpose by helping others with theirs.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement! I'm excited to be on this journey with you. Learn more about how you can live your purpose

All possibilities,

Julie Chan
Founder, Being My Purpose