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empower people to know and express their purpose every
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interested in science & spirituality?


I'm so excited to be connecting with scientists and scholars who are researching topics related to spirituality, psychic intuition or consciousness! My first stop is my alma mater, Yale University, to meet with a group this spring to learn more about their work.

If you are interested in furthering research, interdisciplinary dialogue and inquiry into this field, let me know! I’d love any ideas for people you think I should reach out to or studies you recommend I look into. Just send me an email at

New Book Release! 365 Lift Shifts, Part of the #1 Bestselling Book Series

Instead of waking up to your Facebook feed with all the jaw-dropping, blood-pressure raising news, why not start each day inspired, grounded, and ready to take action?

I'm thrilled to share that I am a contributing author to a new book, "365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything" available now on Amazon. 

This 400+ page book contains hundreds of real-life, inspirational stories of healing, love, and miracles by authors from around the world.

Learn more and order now on Amazon to get a FREE package of 70+ gifts from the authors, including personal development courses, ebooks and more.

our "All Possibilities" Podcast nominated for the 12th annual podcast awards in the spirituality & religion category! 

Listen to my interviews with business executives, spiritual healers, scientists, physicians, entrepreneurs and educators on the All Possibilities podcast.

We explore the intersection of intuition, spirituality, business & science through amazing stories of transformation, the science behind them, and how you can unlock your potential in your life & career.

 Listen and subscribe now on iTunes!

You'll also get to hear intuitive readings "on-air!" Episodes air every Monday. 

For more information, you can also visit the show's website at:

All Possibilities podcast is produced by the MouthMedia Network and is powered by Sennheiser.

Support is Sexy Podcast Interviews Julie Chan about Finding Intuition & Purpose

Listen to my non-traditional spiritual journey going from Yale and MIT grad to intuitive purpose coach, hear my mini-reading for Elayne and her reaction, and take advantage of my special discount for listeners. 

Listen to this episode and my other podcast interviews to hear about how to find your purpose, my spiritual journey, and valuable tips you can use right away. Visit the Media page for more.

Follow our Instagram @beingmypurpose

Follow our Instagram @beingmypurpose

Do you know your purpose in life?

Often we don't know what exactly our purpose in life is, and we spend years trying to figure it out. Some people feel lost, or have seemingly great lives on the outside, but inside, they feel like they're missing something.


I'm Julie Chan, a social entrepreneur, creative artist, and intuitive purpose coach,  who believes that every single person has a higher purpose -- gifts they want to share, lessons they want to learn, and experiences they want to have in service to humanity. 

Using my intuitive abilities, my decade-long career in economic development and education, and lessons I've learned from my clients and my own life, I empower people who are seeking deeper meaning and purpose in every aspect of their lives -- their career, relationships, and service.  

If you're seeking knowledge, tools, and a supportive community to fully share your unique gifts, unapologetically, with the world, then there is a reason why you're reading this.


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Transforming lives, ONE at a time

Through intuitive purpose readings and coaching, I've helped entrepreneurs, senior corporate executives, professionals in career transition, retirees, and couples around the world connect with their soul's purpose, strengthen their intuition, and lead transformed lives.  

Knowing my own soul's purpose has put me on a fast track to do things I love and conquer my fears, and most importantly, empower you to do the same. Read about what we do. 


Be who you are, do what you love


Discover Your Purpose

My purpose reading with Julie was transformative. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the experience – but from the beginning, she was very supportive and open, patiently answering my every cynical question. Her breadth of understanding was uncanny, and left me in tears several times during the reading.

It felt like she had turned on the light I’d been struggling to find — and I feel more grateful and hopeful than ever. Thank you, Julie.

— Liz, Marketing Professional, New York City

If you're searching for your purpose and are committed to becoming more confident and creative in expressing who you are, I invite you to learn more about my purpose coaching and intuitive services. 

If you have questions or would like to learn more, check out one of my upcoming meetups in New York City. Register here

Contact me at I'd love to hear from you!




Because everyone deserves to live on purpose, I fund inner empowerment programs for youth and adults in need in New York City and around the world.

From mindfulness meditation to creative expression, from entrepreneurship education to purpose coaching, Being my Purpose is proud to partner with organizations or create new programs that allow each of us -- no matter our background -- to share and grow our inner light. 

Learn more about our commitment to social good.

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