Being My Purpose supports inner empowerment programs in New York City and around the world. Our vision is for everyone to have access to the tools and transformational experiences that help unlock their potential and align people with their purpose. 

We are interested in programs that provide education or experiential learning to youth or adults facing disadvantages or economic barriers. In particular, we are interested in programs that incorporate or integrate one or more of the following:

  • Mindfulness and other forms of meditation
  • Yoga and other forms of contemplative movement.
  • Creative expression, including creative arts and entrepreneurship programs 
  • Exposure to the natural environment and the unconditional love of animals
  • Purpose coaching, including intuitive and spiritual-based support
  • Spiritual education based on principles of unconditional love

We recognize that empowering people to be their best selves can heal the world, and this takes a village. Portions of our proceeds will directly support programs that align with our mission. We are also enthusiastic about co-creating new programs for youth who traditionally lack access to inner empowerment education.

Being My Purpose supports programs with financial grants or in-kind services, such as donations of services to benefit auctions.

Share Your Story

As host of the All Possibilities podcast that explores the intersection of spirituality, consciousness, business and science, we are also interested in sharing your story and great work to a larger audience! If you are interested in being a guest or know someone that you'd like to nominate as a guest (and they can record in-person at our studio in New York City), please contact us below! All Possibilities podcast is produced by MouthMedia Network and is powered by Sennheiser. 

Donate to our cause

If you are interested in supporting our work to bring more inner empowerment education to all people, we welcome your donations! Note that we are a social enterprise, not a 501(c)3 because we believe in business for social good, but donations of any kind are greatly appreciated!

In the near future, we will be securing a fiscal sponsorship, but in the meantime, thank you for your support.


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