The Magic of Synchronicity: Top 6 Conclusions

It's a moment you can't forget. 

You start to panic and then a song comes on the radio that gives you the guidance you were looking for.

You think of a friend that you haven't seen in a while and she texts you out of the blue. 

You see a butterfly in your apartment and it makes you think of someone you love who passed away. Even though it was in the middle of winter.

You remember these moments. They stick in your mind because something a bit out of the ordinary happens. They freak you out, leave you speechless, or both. 

Synchronicity (noun) is defined as the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

I've had a good number of synchronicity happen in my life, and while they may have no discernible causal connection, I don't think they are random chance. 

For example, my husband and I were having one of those conversations in which it was clear our egos were at play. As we talked back and forth, you could feel our internal frustration levels rising because we hadn't rationally "figured out" a solution.

At that moment, a bird landed on our air conditioning unit. 

Both of us froze and turned to the window.

It was a mourning dove. It was huge and it literally peered through the window, staring at us. It made this beautiful cooing noise and moved its head from side to side, peering at us with curiosity. Daring us to breathe.

My husband and I looked at each other. 

Both our egos stopped at that point, and our Higher Selves (our true, authentic selves) came in. The frustration and the need to have the last word fell away. No words really needed to be spoken at that point. Being energetically sensitive, I felt waves of peace flow to me. They were very subtle but I felt them through my body. 

He also felt that sense of peace and we ended the conversation on that note. It felt like we had let out a silent sigh of relief. It was like the Universe decided to chime in on our conversation to tell us to just let it go.


Because of this beautiful moment, I wanted to see if other people had similar experiences.  

What were their stories, if any? What kind of meaning did they derive from them, if any? Who were involved? What patterns exist?

The analyzer in me wanted to get more information, so I sent out a brief survey and received 20 responses (thank you to all who participated!). Using that data, examples of your stories (noted in italics), and my own experiences, I came to some conclusions about synchronicity that I share with you here. 

(Note - given the small sample size, take this as the start of gathering data. You are invited to contribute your own thoughts about synchronicity here with this brief survey. Plus, note that the respondents are biased given those who respond are likely those who feel compelled to share their own synchronicity beliefs or experiences.)


Top 6 Conclusions about Synchronicity


1. Synchronicity is not uncommon. 

In fact, it happens fairly often. For some people, they experience moments like these once or twice in a lifetime, but for many others, they occur far more often. 55% of those surveyed experience synchronicity at least once a month, including those who get it a few times a week or even a few times a day! 40% of people intentionally ask for or seek out synchronicity.

Imagine how magical your life would be if you experienced synchronicity and expected it to happen, all the time!

2. Impeccable timing and a shared experience bring about deeper meaning. 

75% of respondents thought that synchronicities have a deeper meaning, and that they are not mere coincidences or happenstance, while the rest were not sure why they even happen in the first place. No one (0%) surveyed thought that these events did not have any meaning.  People shared:

"Ever since my mother passed, I always hear her favorite songs come on. My siblings would experience this too, sometimes on the same day as me." 

"I get perfect transit connections when I think I'm going to be late and then I end up on time!" 

"I always see the same number patterns starting from a few years ago: 1111s, 444s, etc."

"I received a text from a friend in a specific neighborhood when that particular neighborhood came up in a separate conversation."

Given the complexity of the events, a majority of people (60%) thought that "the Universe has a larger plan" and 45% thought that "we are all connected on some level." Just 5% did not learn anything from the events. 

"I think it's important to notice [synchronicity] because it means you're awake and noticing the world around you." 

Besides the timing, the fact that many of these are shared experiences with other people or other forces outside of our own personal control (like trains or radios), make them stand out.

It's one thing when it's just you experiencing it. It holds more weight when your siblings also experience the same thing, or if the timing is so perfect that you shave a few minutes off your expected commute. 

3. Workplace synchronicity happen in ways that seem to benefit you and your larger purpose.

Survey respondents shared:

"As my severance pay was coming to an end, I received a call from a former colleague about a temporary position that she recommended me for. I did not look for the job... I trusted that Life would bring me what I needed and it did." 
"I was wondering about how my colleague was doing, and then I ran into her the next day. She brought this new management class to my attention and I ended up taking it."
"My mother began requiring 24/7 care due to Alzheimer's just as my work slowed to the point that I could leave it to care for her."
"My team was looking to hire a catering company and found out that the person on the other end of the phone was the best friend of one of our teammates."
"I got an opportunity to participate in a documentary on HBO. I've always wanted to be a part of something huge that would benefit a massive amount of people... The people I work with and especially my mentor at work were highly influential in making this happen for me. I felt and still feel absolutely amazing about it. I'm a little nervous too, but I know this is what I am supposed to do. I'm confident in my intuition right now."

The rational mind would normally freak out if a job started slowing down or the bank account started dwindling. But when something positive arises at the same time, like having the freedom to take care of a loved one, or it makes way for a new opportunity that you hadn't even thought was possible, then it feels great. Even if you're a bit nervous to take on these opportunities, it seems to plug you in to a larger purpose that your soul was yearning to step into. 

The next time something unexpected at work happens, take it in stride and see if there's something else that it is paving the way for.

4. Animals like talking to you and are usually there to say that everything is okay.  

Animals come up a lot in synchronicity stories. They remind me of Disney's Cinderella and Snow White, who can both seemingly communicate with animals and are always getting help from their furry friends. As my own story showed, when animals appear in these synchronicity events, they bring peace and comfort.

How likely is it that animals will land on your windowsill or hover, unafraid, in front of you? Some people think they are angels themselves or that spiritual beings are orchestrating them to give them comfort. Whatever it may be, these stories give people meaning and a lasting impression. 

"I was sitting by the lake -- the same lake my sister and I had sat at many times before her sudden passing... My sister collected hummingbird figurines. As I was sitting quietly, enjoying the lake, I was startled as a hummingbird flew into my face and hovered, flapping her little wings. This little bird was nose-level to me and just stayed and stared into my eyes. No doubt 100% it was my sister sending me a sign that she is with me. I felt comfort, joy, peace and happiness."
"My wedding was a rainy day in October. I was overjoyed but unsettled and anxious -- all the things you might feel. We went outside to take a few pictures with some floral arrangements that were outside (the rain had turned to mist by then). I turned and saw a beautiful deer with a full set of antlers standing and gazing at me. He bowed his head and turned and walked away and I felt so good. I felt like nature was saying, "It's OK, it's all going to be OK." I've never let go of that! It made me feel so peaceful and confident at a moment when I had to look happy and together but didn't feel it all the way, like I thought I was supposed to. It felt like a little miracle!"

5. Even if you're a world away, reassurance is able to find you. 

What makes the shared experience even more out-of-this-world is when you go to places in the middle of nowhere and you still manage to run into people. The circumstances surrounding these stories also give more weight -- in some of these cases, people were seeking (whether consciously or unconsciously) connection, comfort and reassurance. They happened to find it in the unlikeliest of circumstances.

People shared:

"I was feeling very sad after a decisive fight over the phone with my partner. I was alone in the middle of India, and a thought came by: "I wish I had a girl friend to talk to at this moment". Maybe 15 minutes later, I decided to get some air outside. I waved for the first tuk-tuk (out of 1000 passing by) and low and behold, seated alone in it was a dear friend that I haven't spoken to for almost one year. Just the very same person that helped me with a relationship drama a year ago. It was so much to take in, that the both of us kept staring at each other, completely speechless."
"I randomly decided to go to a part of town that I wouldn't normally go to. I came across someone who I've lost touch with, who ends up telling me about something where our lives could (and should) overlap! We connect and find ways to help each other out."
"I had randomly heard about a yoga teacher training program, and the dates happened to work out perfectly with my schedule for the next few months (in spite of the crazy hours I was putting in at work and the unusual travel schedule I had). I signed up, but did not know precisely why I was feeling so called to do this. Well, a week after I graduated from the program, my father passed away. And that's when I knew there was some larger plan that was telling me that I needed the tools I'd learn through yoga to equip me through the next period of grieving."

6. Synchronicities are beautiful moments and particularly helpful when you're looking for deeper meaning, but don't get attached to them. Rely on your own internal peace. 

This is particular to me, but I wanted to share this. After seeing the dove land on my window, my ego mind was quiet for a few days. I kept coming back to that incident whenever I hit an obstacle to remind myself of how beautiful and complex the Universe is.  

What's interesting is that I noticed my ego started expecting MORE synchronicities. It wanted to see more doves land right in front of me. It was never satisfied, wanting to have more and more of these signs before it could feel peace. It wanted to rely on something external, rather than internal, to feel comfort. While it was great that my mind started to see miracles as normal, that was not the point. 

Relying on anything external, even synchronicities to bring you peace, is a never-ending battle. What I recommend we all focus on, is just how special that moment is.

Be in the experience of that moment because every moment, no matter how synchronous, IS beautiful.


So, next time you get a shared experience with another -- whether it is a human being, an animal, a loved one, a spirit, or technology -- be aware of how incredible that moment is.

Connecting in that time and space, with everything that is going on your lives, gives you pause to wonder. 

I invite you to welcome the next synchronicity and intend to receive miracles everyday not because they bring significant meaning, but just because you can.

Be sure to feel thankful when you can feel the touch of magic that comes when unlikely events align. In that moment, anything, and more, is possible.