What To Do When Your Ego Takes Over

This is the third of a series of blog posts that are fully channeled texts from the Akashic Records (all knowledge, information, thought, and emotions in the Universe  -- a massive library of consciousness, if you will) that are meant to impart higher wisdom so that we can better ourselves and the planet.

For more information on my process, check out my previous two posts, Living a Greater Life on uncovering limiting beliefs, and Focusing on the Opposite, on what happens when your life looks like a mish-mash of everything you *don't* want.  

Note: In this post, I added the titles of 'helpful hints' and headers to make it easier for you to read. Everything else, including the all-caps-for-emphasis, is all channeled text. 


Purple Flux, Jeff Badillo, Crosby Street Gallery

What To Do When Your Ego Takes Over

Life is a series of moments, one after the other, and the ones that you remember most lie on the far ends of the spectrum of love and fear.

On the one hand, you have what is called unconditional love, where you feel this great overwhelment of joy and bliss in your heart. Every little thing feeds that love -- from seeing the birds singing in the trees, to the slight breeze and the smell of ocean air in your nose, to the sight and sounds of children laughing. This pure, unadulterated joy is what embodies pure bliss.

You might have experienced moments like this from time to time, or maybe you don’t even recall ever having experienced such feelings. This is where your happiest memories lie, and this is where bliss lives.

People often think that this bliss is fleeting, that once you have it, it is already gone. And then you’re left, wanting for the next feeling of bliss and wracking your brain for HOW you will experience it again.

For people who are obsessed with experiencing this bliss, who do not have the infinite wells WITHIN to sustain themselves -- they will turn to external methods of experiencing this bliss. This could come in the form of drugs, of alcohol, of extremism -- whether it is thrill seeking adventure or reveling in the stress-induced adrenaline and pain of their constant, worrying lives.

Some people can even mistake this stress for bliss, because the ups and downs that the body experiences mirror that feeling of transformation -- of going from the “normal” to the “unique” and ‘miraculous” feelings of bliss.


HELPFUL TIP #1: bliss is normal

unlearn what society taught you. 

But what we are here to tell you, is that THIS BLISS IS NORMAL. It is your natural state, it is NOT unique and is certainly not miraculous.

It is your own society’s beliefs and ego-made constructs that have TAUGHT you ERRONEOUSLY that bliss is unique, fleeting, and leaves you wanting more, and wracking your brain for how that will come about.

Bliss - it may look like that day when you are making enough money through your business to pay your bills and a little extra, and you feel on top of the world. 

Then -- having survived that month, it may look like that deep well of sadness and concern about where your income is going to come from, and how you will pay the bills the next month. This is the stage of “wracking your brain for the HOW.”  

When you are in this stage, you are the OPPOSITE of bliss. When you are in this stage, you are governed by your ego mind, which is rational, and only knows what has transpired in the past, what the present moment looks like from the LIMITED point of view of the ego, and what the future *could* look like based on the past.

This form of using trend analysis or past, historical data to predict the slope of the lines in the future is working from the EGO, rational mind. This form of mindset DOES NOT ALLOW for more, creative possibilities which is how the Universe and the Divine Mind operates.

When the Universe is co-creating with you, the realm of possibilities are purely endless and unlimited. That means, that your income *can* come from other, natural ways, that are NOT miraculous. It is your society’s teaching that miracles are unique and few and far between that prevent you from truly embodying your soul’s knowing that all things are possible.

When you realize that this happens, allow yourself to say thank you, to the ego mind, for providing us with an indicator that the view of the world is limited. From the Higher Self and the Universe, the view of the world is UNlimited. This INDICATOR is all you need to be aware of so that you can then focus your attention on what your mind wants to create.

Helpful Tip #2: Awareness comes first 


It may even help you to draw out what your ego mind *thinks* is possible. And then draw out what your Divine Mind knows is possible -- which is everything. This clear, graphical, visual representation will allow your subconscious mind to reprogram itself with this new knowing that is ultimately your natural knowing. You are un-learning years and years of human ego-mind fear and concern.

Let’s take a look at what that other side of the spectrum looks like. This is where fear, worry, concern, doubt, uncertainty and survival lives. It is all about the the physical body and self-preservation. The ego-mind will do anything in its power to let you know of all the dangers that may appear to you, and all the ways for you to pick battles, start fights, and fight-flight-or-freeze yourself into a better situation.

The Truth of the matter here is that there IS no such thing as a *better* situation in the ego-mind. Everything is always a life or death situation, and death may look like experiencing disapproval, feeling failure, not having enough money, not being able to survive, not being able to show your face to your peers, not being able to make the impact that you want to make in the world.

It can feel subtle, or it can feel like it’s a hammer hitting you on the head. This fear occurs on a spectrum, and when you are in it, it is nearly impossible for you to see yourself in it -- unless you have the AWARENESS and unless you have someone else to see you and be aware FOR YOU.

HELPFUL TIP #3: talk to the mirror 

saying how you feel out loud to your reflection gets out the emotion and leads to your inner voice 

That is why it is helpful to look at yourself in the mirror and to talk to yourself, so that you have this level of awareness when you are by yourself. Making affirmations is useful. But the real test is when you’re able to dig yourself out of the ego-trench when you are looking at your own reflection. Start by talking out loud as the spoken word has power, and if spoken for long enough and prefaced by “My heart says this… My Divine Mind says this…”, it will lead you to speak from your Higher Self. With practice, you can turn yourself around to the Higher Self when you are alone in front of the mirror.

HELPFUL TIP #4: find a buddy 

Enlist a buddy to see you at your best self when you can't. have them USE SOUND TO UPLEVEL YOUR FREQUENCIES. 

If someone else is there to see you, and to bring you that level of awareness, use sound to snap your ego mind out of it, and use love -- the physical and energetic expression of love to help the brain and the heart get back on the natural track. This could look a hug, it could look sending love and light from your heart to another, it could look like saying loving words and expressions of love. Anything else will be from the ego-mode, and will only trigger and amplify more arguments between two egos.

It is important to have this level of self-awareness, and to have someone -- whether it’s a friend, a family member, a coach, a teammate, who is comfortable enough to provide that level of awareness, and that level of unconditional love. Seek out and surround yourself with these people so that there will always be a buddy to provide that awareness.

HELPFUL TIP #5: your life matters

don't give up when the going gets tough. you are strong. 

We end here to say that this is all part of the journey, and that yes, sometimes your ego-mind will ask why it had decided to take this journey. Just know that everything leads to your natural state of bliss and joy, and that this level of awareness and growth is what will heal the world. If you’re not doing it for yourself, know that you are doing it for others, and you are much loved already. You have just turned your face from it for a split second, but you are still bathed in that love.

Know that the Universe is all-loving, and that even in the worst of times, your soul is experiencing growth in service to the rest of the world on an energetic level, and that you are much stronger than your ego mind will ever think you are. Listen and act from your Higher Self. Love and know that you are always loved. That is your natural state.