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Focusing on the Opposite - Channeled Text

This is the second of a series of blog posts that are fully channeled texts from the Akashic Records (all knowledge, information, thought, and emotions in the Universe  -- a massive library of consciousness, if you will) that are meant to impart higher wisdom so that we can better ourselves and the planet.

For more information on my process, check out my previous post, Living a Greater Life, that explains how I do these channelings. 


First, I'll provide some context so that you understand how to apply this information in your life. My spiritual journey started when I learned about the Law of Attraction, popularized by books like "The Secret" and those written by Lynn Grabhorn and Abraham Hicks.  

The concept is that your thoughts and feelings create your reality. If you're into quantum physics, neuroscience, psychology, or spirituality, then you're probably aware that your beliefs, positive emotions, and intentions are all very important for you to experience the life you want. If you're not aware, then stay tuned for future blog posts!

Well, what happens when we use our best manifestation skills to create something we didn't want? That's called WORRY, ie, laser-sharp focus on one thing over anything else, except this time it's charged with negative emotions of fear. 

Maybe you're constantly worrying about making enough money and paying the bills, or you're worrying about being hurt in a relationship, or getting scammed by a business partner. When you are constantly focused on something you don't want out of fear (either because you experienced it in the past, or you're worried you can't handle it if you experience it in the future), it's highly likely that there are some aspects of your life that you want to change, and you feel stuck, helpless.

So how can you change it? I first came upon the idea of reversing your perceptions and focusing on the opposite of what your life looks like now in a book written by Sonia Choquette, one of my all-time favorite authors on intuition. This channeling dives into on what she calls the Law of Reversal and how you can use your awareness to help you reverse what you've created in your life and focus on what you DO want.  This text uses money as the object of worry, but it can be applied to anything else.

The only edits I've made are related to spacing and paragraphs so that you may read it easier on a webpage. The capitalized words are all part of the channeled text, for emphasis. 

May this serve you. 

Mirrored Dusk, by Jeff Badillo

The Law is Attraction says that whatever you focus your attention on is what is being created.

When you notice that you are creating things that you DO NOT WANT to experience, then by calling upon the Law of Reversal, you just focus on the OPPOSITE of what you don’t want and then that will allow the Universe to help you.

The key is that you put your security not on your ego or your partner/spouse, or your employer, or your friends or your business, but in the hands of your Higher Self and your Creator (God, Universe, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Love, Nature’s Knowing, whatever you want to call this collective consciousness that is intelligent and much greater than a single individual).

When you put your security into the hands of your Higher Self, which is your DIRECT connection to this Infinite Intelligence, you are essentially saying that you forgo your ego’s wishes to CONTROL everything or to FEEL as if it is controlling everything, and relinquish it to the realm of ALL POSSIBILITIES.

In the realm of all possibilities, the ego does not control anything. When something is controlled, it automatically means that it is LIMITED. In an unlimited state of being, NOTHING is controlled.

That means that in a world where you are a millionaire and then you lose all of that money and have nothing left to your name other than your living, breathing body -- 
and you are STILL at PEACE with yourself and your Creator -- then you have achieved a level of ONEness and spirituality that many different faiths talk about.

In the “real world”, that is, the world of your ego (which feels real, but isn’t), if that were to happen to you, you would be FREAKING OUT.

There would be no way that you would be okay with that because you are trying to control everything - you control where your money comes from, what it is spent on, who is in charge of it, who you are keeping it away from, why you are keeping it away from them, and all of these reasons come from a feeling-state that is contracted, of the ego.

When you are in a state of unlimited freedom, it DOESN’T MATTER if you are a millionaire or penniless.

If you are living, breathing, and on this planet with the AWARENESS that you are alive, then you have already won. You have already exemplified what it is like to be ONE with the Universe. This is present-moment living, and this is all that ultimately matters.

Yes, people talk about how you can use the Law of Attraction and manifestation to create wealth and money (you see all this talk of making 6-figures in a year or 7-figures in a year) but it is important to realize that NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

You can create it, sure, and exercise your Law of Attraction skills, but it ultimately doesn’t matter.

If that is your be-all and end-all, it does not mean that you are necessarily growing spiritually. It is not a guarantee -- it is more an indication that you have mastered the Law of Attraction, and have gone through the growth necessary in order to be in the state of RECEIVING.

The key is to embrace every moment, to know that the ultimate yardstick is if you were alive and breathing, no matter the financial situation, that you are grateful, full of love, and find joy.

The Law of Reversal helps you to fully be aware of when you are creating something that you don’t want.

Or if other people are in dire situations and you feel helpless, and unable to control the situation FOR THEM, then, call upon your thoughts to become the shape of what you wish for them to experience instead.

Focus on the wealth that you feel you have right now (whether it is wealth in the form of life, in relationships, in the experience of the sunshine), and be grateful. Know that your Higher Self is the one who can lead you to the state of BEING that you wish.

Once you are aligned energetically, you can actually see the sparks of inspiration and hear the messages that will come to you.

There are numerous signs and symbols all around you. It is a matter of being in the right state of BEING to notice them.

** End of Channeled Text **

Reflecting on this, I found that when I was stuck in ego-mode, worrying about money, new projects, relationships, etc, I was not able to focus my mind on what I wanted to create.

By being aware of where my attention was, and then consciously focusing on the joy of helping others, I was able to snap out of it and feel lighter.

I also had to be aware that I could reverse my situation, that it wasn't permanent. Everything could change in an instant. It was just my belief at that moment that speed, in relation to time, didn't exist. That was what would hold me back. 

Knowing about manifestation and reversing my perceptions have allowed things to happen much faster for me now. I feel like the Universe is guiding me to clients, partners, and collaborators, and the speed is incredible!  

I've had so many spiritual experiences and unbelievable synchronicities happen in my life to KNOW with certainty that anything is possible when we put our minds and hearts on it. This is an ongoing process of learning and exploring what this means for me, and I'm grateful to have these tools to help. 

How does this post resonate with your own manifestations and creations? Are you aware of aspects of your life that you want to change, and what its opposite could be?