Seeing the Positive Side of "Trying"


Trying something new can be daunting.

It can feel like running up a hill, only to find one of those walls from "American Ninja Warrior" in front of you. You run up the wall and just as you're about to reach the top, you make a spectacular fall. In front of an audience, no less.

Have you ever felt like all eyes were on you - looking at whether you'll make it or not? Does the mix of emotion (excitement for what's ahead and fear of failure) stop you in your tracks, before you even try something?

The word "trying" was such a "bad" term to me that I even tried (ha!) to cut it out of my vocabulary for the past year. 

In my head, the word's definition was intertwined -- it was a mixture of "doing something knowing that it would end in failure," or "giving a cop-out excuse to someone to get them off your back." 

Like, "Can you get this to me by Monday?" "I'll try." No one likes getting that as a response! Or "Did you get the results you wanted?" "I tried." 

It wasn't until I did an intuitive reading for someone that the whole notion of "trying" came up. I had always thought it was a word that was so shameful that it should never be spoken again (just ask my husband).

But the Akashic Records always manages to enlighten me on things I thought I was sure of. 

The reading said:

"We recommend looking at the word “try.” We know it is something of a loaded word because it might imply trying something new and perhaps not meeting your expectations, it could mean trying something different and it teaching you things that you wouldn’t have looked at otherwise, and any number of emotions that may feel at ODDS with one another.

We recommend looking at the POSITIVE spin of the word -- that implies, experimentation, no attachments to the outcome, and a WILLINGNESS to test things out.  

Try things out - like trying on a new dress or trying on a hat. There is no harm in doing so."

The whole notion of "trying" having a positive spin was absolutely new to me (and my ego).

Apparently I had crafted such a perfect story about the word that I had prevented myself from truly "trying" -- to put things on and test them out, with my mind clear to see all the possibilities that could happen. And if it fails spectacularly, to have the ability to try again with the same possibility of success, as opposed to replaying stories of the future disappointments or failures. 

The reading even gave an image of a little girl trying out the monkey bars for the first time. Each time she tried and fell, she would pick herself back up again and try again.

All the response that came afterward -- crying, hurting, being disappointed in herself, etc. -- was just that  -- a response AFTER the initial "trying". I had associated the two things so closely that for a long time, any mention of the word "trying" meant that the mind was already projecting into that moment of it "not going as you had wanted or planned." 

Reflecting on 2016

Looking back at the past year, I definitely saw a mix of areas where I tried new things both AS IF I were trying on a new dress (and if it didn't work, I'd just try the next one!) and AS IF I were "trying something on" from my story of the future just not working out.

I tried holding meetups for the first time and had some moments when I felt like I was running up the American Ninja Warrior wall. Sometimes there would be a ton of sign-ups, then barely one. Every time I tried it, I iterated based on the results -- testing different themes, locations, dates, formats, tickets, and exercises until I got to the method that worked.

If I had given up earlier, then I wouldn't have met so many amazing people every month with shared challenges and hopes. 

I tried giving mini-readings to people I didn't know, even in group settings, and I saw the huge impact they had in people's lives and what they thought was possible. I started owning my gift even more because now hundreds of people have had little sparks of light catalyze their lives so that they can be truly free.

I tried playing the ukulele after not doing so for years (after my first time didn't go as magically as I had imagined) and now I can play three of my favorite songs! (Including, Train's "Hey, Soul Sister") It helps when all the chords are the same. :-)

Purpose Tip:

My tip for you is to reflect back on your 2016 and see where you tried new things from a positive place or from a place of "story." What happened? Were there any differences between those approaches?

Now, for the rest of this year, try something new -- as if you are trying on a new hat or learning the monkey bars. If you fall, pick yourself back up - know that any emotional responses are not at all associated with "trying" and then envision the beautiful possibilities again. 

Let me know how it goes! 

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