Need Perspective? Channeled Advice, Post-Election

Many people reached out to me saying they were upset by the election of Donald Trump and the values and policies he represents. I know people who are responding with a whole range of emotions, from sadness and anger to surprise or sheer joy -- sometimes all within the same household.

I wonder what will happen and how it might affect me, my family and friends, and the trajectory of the nation. I wonder how such differing views can actually transform into a unified country, as if we can flip a switch.

One thing I kept coming back to, after doing so many Akashic Record readings, is the notion of duality.

Light and dark cannot exist just by themselves -- they need each other in order for people to understand what those concepts even mean. Same with love and fear, which are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Without understanding and experiencing fear and anger, for example, I would not appreciate love and peace as fully. 


From a 300,000 foot view then, I'm really not surprised by the outcome of the election. The silver lining is that now people realize that the nation is so divided. I think people need a ton more compassion and empathy training to go from the types of animosity the campaign has seen to a unified country. It doesn't happen overnight. 

To that end, I did an Akashic Record reading on the highest guidance regarding the election and how we can approach or understand people who voted differently - whether they are represented by red or blue. 

I hope this brings a bit of perspective. It already sparked some ways for me to address some disconnections in my own family and friends as a start.


What is the highest guidance regarding the presidential election? How can we approach people who seem to be so different?

To understand the journey, ask yourself -- in their shoes, what happened in their journey that led them to feel the need to hate or to love? What pivotal moments, overheard words, and moments of surprise or upheaval in their lives led them to create the filters they see through?

Everyone is human. Everyone is capable of feeling good or feeling bad. Everyone is capable of feeling love and feeling hate. It is the duality of the Universe, and both are needed in order to appreciate what it means to be Whole. It is this Oneness that stands to benefit when people see clearly - finally - the two different sides.

It is impossible to experience Oneness without first realizing that there are differences. It is impossible to experience differences without first realizing that there is Oneness. This may sound like an oxymoron, but imagine this. If you were a 2-D line, you would have no idea what exists on the 3-D plane. If you were a 3-D object, you may try to understand what it's like to just be a 2-D line in a 2-D world, but you'll never quite "get it."

It is the same when people cannot see and understand the other side, and then FEEL for them, and see the shared humanity. It does not condone hatred or the actions that may be motivated by it. But without building the bridge to even understand how others feel, no constructive dialogue can take place.

So, explore ways to reach out to people you resist or disagree with and start there. There is no point in resolving larger differences across states and borders when there are differences right in your home. Look at areas of disconnection and from your heart, say that you are committed to connection.

It may be with your father, mother, sibling, friend, or relative. Whoever is in your life that somehow they got out of contact with for any number of reasons, look at that, and build a bridge. The more bridges you build, the more you realize that even those people who are deemed closest to you can be disconnected, and then connected. And this is one step closer to connecting with those people who you deem as having irreconcilable differences. 

One step at a time. 


What bridges will you build in your own family and friends? What bridges will you build beyond that to understand and empathize with others you may not agree with?