Appreciate the journey.

People are always talking about "finding their purpose" as if it's some end destination that once they reach it, they'll be happy. 

One of the biggest lessons I learned from doing intuitive purpose readings and coaching is that purpose is an ongoing mindset, a choice that starts with you, in this very moment. It's not something external to achieve or an outcome that you seek. It's all about how you use your energy and gifts in this moment to benefit other people and the Earth. It manifests in all aspects of our lives, not just career. 

Instead, as humans (with strong egos), we tend to focus on the outcome. After we spend a lot of time crossing things off our to-do lists, we ask ourselves, Are we successful? Did we achieve the goal that we set out to achieve? Is this the best possible result of our time and effort? 

I used to be very focused on the outcome. In fact, a StrengthsFinder test told me that one of my top 5 traits was "achiever." That meant, I could set a goal and do whatever it takes to achieve it. Being from an immigrant family also reinforced this notion that we get what we put in. Hard work is supposed to pay off. 

In college, after being a little disappointed in my grades freshman year, I wanted to see if working harder would get me better grades. In my sophomore year during finals, I studied day after day for so many hours straight, sitting in one place, that I swear my knee swelled up for no apparent reason. When I got home during winter break, my family and I waited for hours at the ER. Finally at 3am, the doctors saw me and aspirated my knee.

They asked, On a scale of 1 to 10, how is your pain?

Eleven!!, I said.

That's impossible, they chuckled. Only childbirth tops the list.

Geez. Note to self, I thought. Don't study so hard.

I had to be on crutches. The doctors tested for everything from rheumatoid arthritis to lupus but couldn't figure it out. They just put me on a bunch of drugs that later ended up having to be recalled because of the damage that it did to people. And while I ultimately got the grades (achiever...ding ding ding!), was it worth it? No. 

This is an extreme example, but in my gut, I knew that my knee got messed up because of my own doing. I realized that I had achieved so much but I didn't get the kind of fulfillment I expected when I got to the top of that mountain. Who would've known that getting good grades would ultimately feel empty when it affected my health and brought on all sorts of stress to me and my family. 

So why did my knee swell up? Now, I chalk it up to stress. My body was signaling to me that I had not passed some critical soul lessons: 1) To take care of my body and 2) to detach from this notion of needing good grades for external approval, or even my own ego's approval of myself.

When we attach ourselves to the outcome, we are enslaved to external or even internal approval, constantly looking towards the future for happiness.  

...It could be an attachment to our need to be successful. (Who's definition of success are we talking about anyway?).

...It could be an attachment to our need to make money. (There are so many forms of abundance that we already have; be grateful for it and remember that money is just energy - it flows in and out.)

...It could be an attachment to our need to please other people, our parents or in-laws, or just our own high expectations. (People-pleasing is a never-ending battle; just remember that you have a choice on what you focus your attention on. Choose to focus on the fact that you're exactly where you need to be, right now). 

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to recognize the attachments that our ego has to beliefs or ideas, and to appreciate our journey.  Reflect on how far you've come and all the lessons you've learned. Share them with others so that others have an easier path.

I'll leave you with a bit of intuitive guidance from my own Akashic Records about our purpose.

 "...It is all a journey, an exploration.

The outcome is not important, but the lessons that we’ve learned and how we channel that towards creating a better future for humanity and the planet are.

There is no “success” outcome in purpose; it is just whether we are connected to it, and aligned or not in a given moment."

I've been fortunate to align my days and moments to my soul's purpose, resulting in so many moments of bliss. Not because there weren't any ups and downs, but because all of that was necessary for me to appreciate the journey and see where the nuggets of wisdom are.  

What has your journey of expressing your soul's purpose taught you?

What lessons do you feel like you want to share with others so that their path can be easier?

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