Discover Your Purpose Coaching Session


Discover Your Purpose Coaching Session

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For all new clients, Julie will meet with each client in-person in New York City or via Skype for a purpose reading and coaching session. These sessions typically take 2-3 hours. 

During this purpose coaching session, Julie will be sharing with you:

  • Your life's purpose, as accessed through the Akashic Records (the universal compilation of all knowledge). See Services for more on the actual process.
  • How your purpose has manifested in your life thus far, in the past, present, and future, and
  • Different ways to explore your purpose using action-oriented steps.

She will coach you on how to overcome fear and how to express your purpose based on her personal and professional experience, lessons learned from her clients, and from leaders in the self-empowerment field.

All clients will then have access to:

  • Monthly meetups if they are in the New York City area, to hear about progress from other clients, share tips, and cheer each other on.
  • Secret Facebook group to share progress, receive tips and resources, and be a part of a growing global community of purpose-centered people
  • Private e-newsletter with resources, new tips and life lessons from Julie's personal experiences, and news
  • Discounts to future events, coaching sessions, online courses, and other opportunities to advance in your purpose. 

Reminder that for any Akashic Record readings, Julie asks for a two-part Honor Exchange. The first is the rate for the session and the second is a suggested donation. Check out the Services page for more information.

Once you submit, you'll be prompted to complete a form with your contact information and consent. Julie will reach out to you via email to schedule your session time and location. Sessions typically take place in cafes or restaurants in New York City. Discussing your purpose can be pretty deep stuff, and what better way than to talk over food?

Package Sessions: sometimes family members, significant others or friends want to have purpose sessions done together. Couples Package sessions for two people are specially offered at $550 and take 3-4 hours if done in one joint session. If done separately, packages are still $550. 

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