“My purpose reading was life-changing. It resonated on such a deep level that I felt it in the first few minutes of my coaching. My life has become a lot more exciting and magical because I now know how to live it!”
— David, Artist & Technician

Why am I here?

If you're here, you're probably curious. Perhaps a friend referred you here because she discovered her life's purpose in one of my sessions and you've seen her transform in beautiful ways. Perhaps you randomly got here because the universe guided you, and you have no idea who I am, or how or why you're reading this - and that's okay!

My mission is to empower people to know and express their purpose with confidence, creativity, and courage everyday. It is part of my life's purpose to build a family of spiritually empowered people -- a family being one that can support you and provide a sense of community for all of us on this path of purpose. It is also my life's purpose to share my story (which is why you'll get a lot of those here!) and to use my voice to sing. In the future, I'll post some of my music here because I believe music in general can help us de-stress, move and heal us. Until then, please read on about my approach and process for discovering your purpose.

Why is purpose and inner empowerment important for every human being?

Before I go into the process of how I do purpose readings or the coaching sessions, I want to share more about why this is important. It's only been the past few years that I developed my intuitive skills, but inherently, every single person has the ability. When you have a "gut" feeling that you can't explain that is oftentimes right, that's you tapping into your intuitive ability. It's like a muscle. If you're set on exercising it and developing it further, you absolutely will. 

I tend to think that I spent much of life pursuing what society considers "success." My parents are hard-working immigrants who came to New York City for better opportunities and valued education above all else. I graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in Economics and American Studies and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Master's degree in city planning. I led a decade-long career in economic and community development in New York City, working in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. My work has been very impactful, creating initiatives that support businesses, nonprofits, social enterprises, neighborhoods, and cities, and most importantly, people who are seeking better lives

The key to a better life, I found, wasn't all about job skills, who you knew, what school you went to, or what family you were lucky enough to be born into.

Yes, all of those factors are important, but what REALLY matters is what's inside you. 

Your mindset, beliefs, expectations, passion, purpose. Your set of tools that you can turn to whenever you get angry, frustrated, upset, victimized, lost, or generally worried. Your ability to experience peace, beauty, wonder, awe, love. Your ability to let go, give freely, receive with genuine appreciation. Your ability to tap into your intuition and your highest divine guidance. 

All of these things fall under what I like to call, inner empowerment. It's about getting you to the point where your inner well is infinite (because it is). It's just a matter of constantly remembering that it is, and being completely at peace with life as it unfolds before you. Because life is really a time for you to learn how to share your gifts, to learn deep, soul lessons, to experience the highs and lows because it helps our soul grow. 

This may be new or "out there" for some of you, and trust me, it was the same for me starting out. But once I started on this path of self-discovery, I found so many similarities that are inherent in everything. I believe inner empowerment and alignment with purpose are the keys to improving many things -- the economy, our health, education system, equity, our pursuit of happiness. 

With this context, here's more about the process of my readings and coaching sessions. 

How do I do the purpose readings?

 including learning how to do readings for mostly myself with the Akashic Records (essentially a compilation of all knowledge and information in the universe). It's only been in the past several months that I've done readings for other people because I felt called to empower others spiritually. I gave my husband, Rob, a reading on what his purpose in life is, which has completely changed his worldview for the better. Knowing my own purpose has also put me on a fast track to do things I love, conquer my fears, and know that each of us has unique gifts that need to be expressed in the world for us to be happy.


In the past few months, I've helped over 20 people from all walks of life -- from entrepreneurs to corporate executives, to married couples, retirees, and seekers of truth from varying levels of experience and skepticism. I've learned so much about how every person's purpose is unique, and how sometimes it relates to an occupation and more often than not, it is incredibly abstract. No wonder people can spend a whole lifetime trying to figure it out! 


Purpose Readings:

So, if you're interested in getting an Akashic Record reading, the article here describes how it works somewhat, but I'd be happy to talk with you to explain. I first meditate, say a prayer, and then ask for guidance. Whatever messages I receive intuitively, I write down and then meet with you to go over the information. Then, I send the written messages to you so that you always have it for reference. I've been holding regular in-person meetup groups and private Facebook groups so that people can share their experiences, tips, and coach each other. I'm happy to say that I'm working on "Being My Purpose," an inner empowerment coaching business and resource for people looking to know their purpose and have officially gone part-time for two months at my job with the City to work on this. A major part of this social enterprise will be funding inner empowerment education (mindfulness, meditation, creative expression, purpose coaching, etc.) for disadvantaged youth and adults. 


If you're interested in a purpose reading, here's how it works:

Please email back with this information --

1. What is your full name?

2. I give consent for Julie Chan to do an Akashic Record reading for me. (Yes/No/Maybe)

3. The question I'd like to ask is "What is my purpose in life?" (Yes/No)

(note - I highly recommend this question because it has opened so many doors for me, Rob, and others I've done readings for.)  


I can do a reading remotely, usually over the weekend (it takes me an hour), and then can set up time to skype or meet up with you to discuss the reading - usually over food! (The discussion takes ~2 hours).