Inner Boost Package

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Inner Boost Package


For clients who have already discovered their purpose:

Thanks to your feedback and your testimonials, I am offering a NEW set of resources and tools that will help you explore your purpose, tame your ego, and step out more fully with courage.

Even the best of us will come up against our ego / mind chatter of fear, uncertainty and doubt every once in a while. Even the best of us will love knowing our purpose, but will need the methodology and the structure for how to go about leveraging their purpose reading fully.

For one month, starting June 1st, 2016, I am offering these AMAZING resources that have helped ME explore and express my purpose. I will be emailing them to you and posting them in a private Facebook group especially for you!

You will receive:

1.  A weekly email series with tips for you to explore your purpose with confidence, creativity, and courage!  

2. Two mini-readings per month to give you the personalized, intuitive guidance and boost to help you express your purpose. I will meditate on your name and email this to you. 

3. A guided meditation emailed to you. You might be in for a surprise and get one of my signature singing meditations! Few of you have heard me sing, but this is my ultimate love and I look forward to hearing how these meditations help you release fears and doubts, and connect you back to your heart center. 

4. Two group Q&A conference calls. I will be sharing material on how you can express your purpose, my lessons learned, and open it up for Q&A. If you miss them, I'll post the recording. :) This is an exciting way to get together purpose family from around the world.

These resources are valued at over $700 but I am offering them to you, my lovely purpose family, at a ridiculously discounted price of $29 for the month.

That's right, $29!


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