Inner Boost Basic Package


Inner Boost Basic Package

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People love getting my mini, intuitive readings that provide guidance on life's pressing questions. 

Don't let the name fool you. Each intuitive reading gives you a powerful *boost* of energy, answers pressing questions, and provides the highest level of guidance that your rational mind can't access.  

With the Mini-Reading Basic Package, you get: 

  • Three (3) intuitive readings emailed directly to your inbox every month 
  • Readings are personalized and based on questions that you provide (ie, career, relationships, health, love, etc.)* 
  • Readings are based on the Akashic Records, a universal source of all knowledge, and provide profoundly deep information that gets right to the core of your most pressing questions.
  • Readings consist of two powerful paragraphs of text and image descriptions with questions for reflection and recommended action steps
  • My "mini" intuitive readings are called "mini" because my typical "Discover Your Purpose" readings are 5-6 pages long, single-spaced and take 2-3 hours to discuss! Don't let the name fool you. It is "life-changing," "on point" and "cuts right to the core."
  • This is a monthly subscription service. You can unsubscribe at any time. All three readings must be fulfilled within one month and cannot be rolled over to another month. **

* Any questions related to life purpose are not included in this package. I recommend the full 2-3 hour "Discover Your Purpose" session to give it the time and space that question deserves!

** If you unsubscribe partway through the month, you will not be charged in the following month. Partial refunds are not available. All three mini-readings must be fulfilled within one month and cannot be rolled over to another month. 


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