In the mini-reading, Julie knew parts of me, like I knew myself. After every sentence, I emphatically said a silent ‘YES’ to myself. I have always strived to be self-aware, and I felt like this reading was spot on. The thoughts were articulated extremely well, which is of tremendous value. Clear thinking leads to more productive action. I highly recommend this experience and afterwards, it’s hard to not believe in some higher power.
— Mike O'Day, Consultant, New York City

Stay on course with the life you want with a monthly Inner Boost!

Does your mind spin around and around trying to figure out how to get out of a tough spot in your job or relationship?

Are you looking to align with your best self and express your purpose in a consistent and intentional manner?

People love getting my intuitive readings and coaching insights that provide guidance on life's pressing questions. 

These readings are lovingly referred to as "mini" readings because they pack a lot of wisdom in. 

Whether you've already discovered your purpose with me or you are new to my work, each month, get a powerful *boost* of energy and wisdom that will help you have peace of mind, clarity on your best next steps, an informed outlook and actionable tools to embrace whatever happens in your life.


inner boost BASIC package

With the Inner Boost Basic Package, you get three (3) intuitive readings emailed directly to your inbox every month. 

  • Readings are personalized and based on questions that you provide (ie, career, relationships, health, love, money, leveraging your purpose readings, etc.)* 
  • Readings are based on the Akashic Records, a universal source of all knowledge, and provide profound information that speaks to the core of your life.
  • Readings consist of two powerful paragraphs of text with image descriptions along with questions for reflection and recommended action steps
  • You are welcome to email me for clarity on the readings and share how you resonated with them and what thoughts or memories they bring up for you.

* Any questions related to "What is my life purpose?" are not included in this package. I recommend the full 2-3 hour "Discover Your Purpose" session to give it the time and space that question deserves!

Value: $187 per month

Investment: $59 per month subscription (Introductory rate!)



inner boost vip package

Nothing beats getting on the phone! You get all of the Inner Boost Basic Package PLUS one (1) VIP 25-minute coaching call per month. 

During this call, I will provide clarity on the readings that were emailed to you, see where the blocks are, and guide you on your personalized action steps.  These calls are meant to make sure you have the tools and clarity to leverage your Inner Boost readings every month.

Value: $287

Investment: $147 per month subscription (Introductory rate!)


Select the package and submit your information to start receiving your monthly inner boost in your inbox! This subscription service is powered by Paywhirl. You will be asked to create an account so you can manage your monthly subscriptions from there. This is a separate shopping cart. 


Want to try a mini-reading out?

single Boost (mini-reading)

If you've never received a mini- intuitive reading from me before, then you're missing out! From tech entrepreneurs to fashion executives to other intuitives, this single reading can give you a profound look into your life.

Try out a single mini-reading that covers "What is the highest guidance for you at this time?" I'll send it to you by email and you're invited to email me with how it resonates and what thoughts or memories it brings up for you. 

The reading is based on the Akashic Records, a universal source of all knowledge, and provides profound information that speaks to the core of your life. It consists of two powerful paragraphs of text with image descriptions along with questions for reflection and recommended action steps. 

Single Boost
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What People Say:

“My wife was blown away by the mini-reading that you gave her — thank you! And that is coming from someone who is a ‘truth” seeker, who was very reluctant and apprehensive about it. I was actually surprised by the impact it had on her. She is a tough sell.”
— Alex C., IT Professional, New York City
“The mini-reading definitely resonates with me. What it adds to my understanding that I hadn’t had before is a very visceral, practical experience of what letting go of control might feel like. It gives me a very concrete vision that I can hold when I am practising letting go of the steering wheel, and being willing to go wherever life takes me. Your reading has definitely given me a new and more powerful way of looking at my approach to life. Thank you.”
— Nikki H. Stokes, Measure What Works, Boronia, Victoria, Australia
Julie’s reading gave me a very specific theme to reflect on and was a gentle reminder to take it easy. Her reading really helped me to let go of things that were causing worry and resistance, and to focus on what’s truly important.
— J. Sorel, New York City



Anyone can benefit from these resources. You might be seeking a different perspective to a problem that has persisted. You might be looking to deepen your search for truth and spirituality.  You might have a meditation practice, are fairly intuitive yourself, and you're looking for more nuanced and detailed information to keep you centered.


Expect to hear from me three (3) times a month with the readings in your inbox. You will receive a form to complete so that you may submit your question each week. If you do not have a question, I recommend asking for the highest guidance at this time. Each reading will include an image description, which helps communicate complex messages and tools, as well as questions for reflection and recommended action steps. It is up to you to put them into play by writing in your journal, giving yourself the time to reflect, and being in a state of enthusiastic action. Results come from your commitment to creating and embodying the life you want by taking action. Be willing to jump right in. 

What are some examples of questions that I should ask?

The best questions are ones that start with "What," "How," and "What advice..." The best question is actually, "What is the highest guidance for me at this time?" It doesn't assume that the answer is in one area of your life, and instead allows you to learn about the root cause and what the *actual* block is. Oftentimes, we think we're having issues around money and career, for example, when in actuality it has to do with something completely different, like guilt and our relationship with our parents.

Why are questions about purpose excluded?

The only question that is excluded is "What is your life purpose?" This question deserves the time and space given in the Discover Your Purpose coaching session. 

If you've already done this purpose session with me, the Inner Boost Basic and VIP Package are great ways to continue your expression and receive actionable insights on a regular basis.

How are you different from other intuitive consultants?

Intuitives are like any other professional -- each person has a different style, strength, and approach. 

If you're looking for an intuitive consultant who will give you "yes" or "no" answers, tell you the name of your future husband, relay messages to you from a departed loved one, or tell you that you'll get that promotion in 6 months, then I'm not your person. If you're looking for profound information that speaks to your soul and empowers you to create the life you want, catalyzes energy shifts, and aligns you to your purpose, then I'm here for you. Sure, things I've said or images have come true in miraculous and beautiful ways, but the goal is to have you make empowered choices now.

Clients of mine who have done Akashic Record readings with other consultants in the past tell me that they are impressed with the craft of each of my readings -- its articulation, its prose, and its powerful imagery. These readings have a way of placing you into the shoes of the intuitive, as if you were receiving the information and feeling, seeing and sensing the emotions in real-time. The written nature of my readings make them easy for you to refer to, print out, read, share, and search for in your email. 

What if the reading doesn't resonate?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If the reading resonates with you, then explore what the action steps mean and feel the mental and emotional shifts when you consciously use these tools. If you feel any resistance or it does not resonate, sit with it and know that sometimes the ego mind will resist aligning back to your best self. This is an indicator that you're on the right track. 

Be patient with the reading. Have an open, beginner's mind, and play around with it without attachments. If it helps, the readings I've done have resonated with 100% of my clients.

How do I unsubscribe?

We'll be sorry to see you go! If at any point you want to unsubscribe, please do so on the Paywhirl account management system. When you sign up, you will create your own account and login information. I will send you the complete month's readings and calls unless you specify otherwise. 

I'm already doing your coaching. Do you recommend that I get this as well?

The follow-up purpose coaching that I do goes substantially more in-depth into leveraging your purpose reading, providing personalized inner empowerment tools and answering many more questions. You will have a full plate with those exercises and guidance! I recommend that you gift the Inner Boost Package to a friend or family member who can benefit from regular peace and clarity.

If you have further questions, email me at